For The Sake Of The Bit

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Colorado punk rockers Elway have reached their fourth album with "For The Sake Of The Bit". For most of their existence, the melodic punkers have existed on the periphery of the Midwestern punk scene, releasing enjoyable, straight-forward, fairly consistent releases but without ever really massively standing out from the crowd. Is fourth time the charm? Probably not, but at least we're dealing with their best album since the 2011 debut "Delusions".

The album opens with "Inches", a signature-style Elway track if there ever was. Scratchy, Midwestern punk style vocals reminiscent of Eve 6's early material delivered over a bright, mid-tempo melodic punk rock platform. It's catchy in its own, laid-back manner without much fanfare, a characteristic that has remained constant throughout the three albums prior.

However, already on track two, "Hold On", things get more interesting. In fact, it might just be the finest song Elway has written to date: the vocals are nice and gravelly, the guitars channel Teenage Bottlerocket, and the energetic choral section is insanely catchy in the best basement punk sing-along kind of way. Similarly, "Selfish Masochistic Psychic Trauma" is great because of the scratchy vocals that give the song a rough-around-the-edges feel. And even though Elway isn't at their fastest here nor on other songs on the album, the melodic guitars emit an enjoyable vibe that's easy to like on first listen.

At just eight songs though, the album feels a tad short, especially when not all tracks fall in line with the above description. They are at their very best during the Midwestern punk rock moments with scratchy vocals and choral sing-alongs, but on a couple of tracks, they stumble onto the same mid-tempo pop-driven trap as recent Red City Radio material: too poppy, not punk rock enough, resulting in a mediocre and forgettable sound. Fortunately, these songs are in the minority, so as usual, Elway delivers the goods in a solid, albeit unflashy manner, save for "Hold On" which is the track everyone should keep getting back to in years to come.

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For the fans of: The Swellers, Luther, Western Settings, The Lawrence Arms, Red City Radio, The Penske File
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Release date 27.04.2018
Red Scare Industries

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