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Master Volume

Written by: PP on 11/12/2018 20:12:21

Exhilarating, intoxicating, electrifying, thrilling. These are just some of the words you can use in the context of The Dirty Nil's sophomore album "Master Volume". The Ontario, Canada bunch's debut "Higher Power" was already excellent, but it didn't get into nearly as much noisy, punk-laden cacophonous moments as this one does. We're in full-blown PUP territory with a healthy portion of the infectiously catchy treble-charged noise of Joyce Manor's debut album added in for good measure.

The result? A melodic explosion of energy, where shouted out melodies feel like they're drooling with passion out of vocalist Luke Bentham's mouth. It's as attitude-driven and nearly as unpredictable as PUP's off-tune antics, jam-packed with distortion-laden guitars and infectious sing-along passages that will result in total havoc in intimate basement venues across Europe. The sheer energy and drive behind the melodies is intense, where Bentham isn't afraid to break into a raw scream, and where it feels like the glitches and errors in recording and tone have been left in purposefully to underline the pure, blissful chaos of their soundscape.

This is punk rock with a capital P, with nods towards hardcore, emo and post-hardcore included to produce an unforgettably manic style that begs to be heard. This, my friends, is how a band sounds like when everything clicks early on, where the consummate passion for writing and playing cacophonic melodies oozes through every second of the record. What a powerful statement of a record, and a surefire guarantee for some of the top spots at this year's end-of-year lists. Master volume, indeed.

Download: Bathed In Light, Always High, That's What Heaven Feels Like,
For the fans of: PUP, Joyce Manor, Western Addiction, Jeff Rosenstock
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Release date 14.09.2018
Dine Alone Records

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