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Written by: MAK on 01/06/2018 00:37:03

New label, new sound? In the past, Ohio based metalcore outfit, The Plot In You, has been known for brutal breakdowns, savage vocal delivery and being an outright monster for you to listen to. However, having signed to Fearless Records, the quartet has ditched that approach for something far more melodic and easy to approach on their fourth full-length album, “Dispose”. Right away this feels like The Plot In You have followed in the footsteps of Bring Me The Horizon, Is this the new “Sempiternal”?

It certainly feels like it. All throughout this release, you get the sense of atmospheric alt-rock with metalcore tendencies. Right from the first track “RIGGED”, you notice the deep roaring vocals and screaming is all but gone, there are a few examples of it remaining like on “NOT JUST BREATHING”, but nothing like on previous material. The synths and drum machine samples over guitars are more prominent, and the clean singing is so alluring, and you can’t help be drawn into the pure emotion. This is an unrecognisable band from previous material. It’s a calmer album, yet it’s ironic that all the songs are spelt out with capital letters as if they are being shouted at you.

You have the epic slow burners, like “FEEL NOTHING”, where Landon Tewers’ soft voice is rather beautiful, with the slow melodic guitar plucks and steady beats. Yet, the chorus is powerful and punchy with distorted riffs, the shouting isn’t vicious at all, it’s raspy and strained like Oli Sykes’ voice was on Sempiternal, it’s just full of angst. Then you have “THE ONE YOU LOVED” which starts off similarly but evolves into a song that is more uplifting and hooking with a catchy chorus. This is unexpected but rather pleasant. Two songs that show the progression this band is making to stand out.

The final two tracks show how soft The Plot In You can get; “THE SOUND” is a pure tearjerker style slow song, with nothing but smooth strums and mellow beats behind Tewers’ clean singing. The gang vocals are even choir like towards the end. “DISPOSABLE FIX” follows suit with the exact same approach, with the added element of electronic sounding vocals, and a big epic bridge of distorted sounds and underneath and nice crooning guitar solo.

“Dispose” is a beautiful surprise for a lot of people, an album that pushes away from a subgenre that is losing “cool points” each year. Metalcore isn’t the “in” genre anymore and The Plot In You have recognised to thrive they need to move on. Even if that does seem to be copying their peers in moving toward melodic and atmospheric rock. It’s a welcome change, though one that probably will alienate those that loved the pure brutality from previous work.


For The Fans Of: Bring Me The Horizon, The Amity Affliction

Release date 16.02.2018
Fearless Records

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