At Leve Som Hvis Der Var Et Håb

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Wow - where did this one come from? The sophomore album "At Leve Som Hvis Der Var Et Håb" by Danish metallic hardcore unit Parasight is quite possibly the best hardcore release by a Danish band to date, and it is that by quite some margin if you ask me. It's a quantum leap forward in just about all aspects by a band previously known for razor-sharp ferocity and mindless monotonous d-beat thrashing without regard for songwriting. It's a menacing album full of the sort of despair and hopelessness in its soundscape that is usually only encountered among the murkiest and best hardcore releases internationally, and it executes that atmosphere through a fascinating blend of ferocious d-beat hardcore softened by a raw, melodic distortion.

Much like its title suggests (To live as if there was a hope), the record is a misanthropic piece of social commentary that's exemplified by titles like "Sulten I Seng" (Go to bed hungry), "Alt Falder Sammen" (everything crumbles down), or "Alt Er Noget Lort" (Everything is shit). It's a savage dissection of problems within the Danish societal structure that's probably inspired by the K-town hardcore scene origins at Ungdomshuset. But unlike almost every one of their peers from that particular scene, Parasight succeed in ridding themselves from the monotonous, grating noise for the sake of noise that plagues those bands and arrive at a perfect mid-point between ferocious, metallic hardcore and something far more interesting from a songwriting perspective.

Through a fantastic production that leaves all instruments and vocals crisp, clear and in perfect balance, they arrive at a brilliant mix of crust-laden melody and d-beat fury that's impossible to deny. The pedal is firmly glued to the floor much like on their previous records, but this time the band adds infectious riffs and ravaging howls that leave a lasting impression. "De Skyder" (They are shooting), for instance, is surprisingly catchy; its razor-sharp screams that stick mind instantly. And what about "Sulten i Seng"? If there ever was a song where you could justifiably write dat riff, it is this one.

It's a perfect example of the craftsmanship that has gone into writing this record that simply didn't exist on past Parasight material: the guitars, while concentrated on down-tuned shredding, are laced with subtle melodies which make all the difference in the world. The rhythm section keeps the soundscape bleak and dystopian, whilst the leads add variety and melodic groove to drag the expression the opposite way, out of the muddy and murky waters it otherwise would find itself in.

Much like Martyrdöd and even Kvelertak before them, Parasight offers a unique twist in their genre that truly sets them apart from their peers. In terms of metallic hardcore and crusty d-beat, it almost feels as if they injected Night Fever's groove and charisma into the genre and made it their own. The sublime production means it will be difficult to achieve a similar balance at the low-budget underground venues that they will be playing, but on record, led by songs like "Alt Er Noget Lort", "De Skyder" and "Sulten I Seng", "At Leve Som Hvis Der Var Et Håb" is the new benchmark against which all Danish hardcore releases should be judged against. Don't be surprised to find this record landing multiple high spots at the end-of-year charts this year.

Download: De Skyder, Sulten I Seng, Alt Er Noget Lort
For the fans of: Halshug, Martyrdöd, Victims, Night Fever
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Release date 09.03.2018

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