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After four albums titled just "The Bronx", I guess it was time for a change. Their first album in four years and their fifth overall is called "V", and it continues to display their awe-inspiring method of blending rock'n'roll and hardcore seamlessly together into a shouty, pedal-to-the-floor expression jam-packed with pedal effects and groovy distortion. "V" might not be quite as anthemic as 2013's brilliant "The Bronx (IV)" was, but it continues along the same thin line of balancing between anthemic arena rock and ferocious hardcore, the beautiful "Channel Islands" being a prime example of the latter on this record.

One thing that has changed on "V" compared to its predecessor is the amount of classic rock vibes on the record. "Two Birds", for instance, would fit right at home with some of the 70s and 80s rock bands if it wasn't for its lighting speed tempo and high-energy feel. It's in stark contrast to a hardcore punk-infused track like "Sore Throat", that falls more in line with Cancer Bats than it does with the Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes style expression that otherwise plays a large part on the record.

It is, however, songs like the aforementioned "Channel Islands" and "Past Away" where The Bronx truly shine. Here, their infectious energy matches with truly anthemic choruses that borrow just enough from hardcore punk to keep their brand of rock'n'roll fresh. "Kingsize" is similarly catchy and among the highlights on the record. This is how rock'n'roll needs to sound like in 2017/2018 to stay relevant.

It's a mixed bag, though, as "Cordless Kids" sounds like a second-rate Wolfmother song. There are other songs, too, that feel rather anonymous, such as "Stranger Danger" that just sounds like Frank Carter on overdrive. Most material is good, though, but thinking back to how good the previous record is, "V" isn't quite there. A solid release nonetheless.

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For the fans of: Fucked Up, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Cancer Bats
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Release date 22.09.2017
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