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Cherry Blossom Life

Written by: MAK on 09/08/2017 18:14:28

It wasn’t long ago that I claimed TNSRecords has a favourable approach of unleashing some of the grittiest hardcore punk going in the United Kingdom’s punk scene, and releasing “Cherry Blossom Life”, the third album by East Anglian bruisers The Domestics, only further cements my argument. This is an album that sees The Domestics drawing ever more on their Japanese, Swedish and USHC influences, integrating them further into an already ferocious sound.

Come into “Cherry Blossom Life” with one thing in mind: that this is a release for the pissed off, by the pissed off — it’s a rabid animal right from the opening track, “Dead in the Dirt”. In pure punk style, The Domestics deliver an array of short and fast songs, achieving the impressive feat of cramming sixteen songs into nineteen minutes of listening time. Within that, we get blasts of some filthy distorted riffs and throat-tearing vocals placed on top of simplistic, hard-hitting beats. Don’t expect any mind-blowing technical prowess — this is just raw, energetic, back-to-basics punk at its finest. The lyrical themes range from philosophical musings on the concept of love and how it’s sold to us (“Don’t Tell Me What Love Is”) to domestic violence (“Homegrown Violence”). Also included is the notion of authenticity in punk, the plight of migrants exploited by employers in destination countries, the purging of destructive familial ties and the usual dose of loathing (self and otherwise), and underneath the all-out musical angst is a strong dose of deep thinking as well.

The album itself is rather one dimensional; you hear the first track and you get a strong idea of what the rest of it is going to give you. You get the minor differences in the likes of “Death Trap”, which is more of a groover than a thrasher like “Frustration”, but the core values are very much the same throughout — a simple message of “let's create carnage”. The flow of the album works solidly in that respect, and it’s a fun listen. I can imagine this lot are incredibly chaotic live and that blood, sweat and tears are all that’s left after one of their shows. However, if you’re after something a bit more creative or diverse than the relentless aggression dispensed here, you may end up disappointed.

Download: Dead In The Dirt, Homegrown Violence, Death Trap
For the fans of: Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Negative Approach, Casual Nausea
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Release date 04.08.2017
TNSRecords / kibou records

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