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"Float" is the sophomore EP by the Copenhagen, Denmark-based melodic punk rockers Forever Unclean, which largely consists of members from the now-defunct Stars Burn Stripes lineup. Stylistically, they are notably less shouty and aggressive than their former band, relying on rowdy Fat Wreck / Epitaph style punk rock melodies instead, albeit Lasse Mikkelsen's vocals remain nearly as raw as before. Aside from that, their soundscape is best described with buzzing guitars, infectious melodies, a great upbeat tempo throughout, and an easygoing party vibe that's key for this type of punk rock to be successful. Think of it falling somewhere between The Flatliners, Gnarwolves and Crucial Dudes on the punk rock map and you're on the right track.

"Dinosaur" opens the festivities with rumbling bass lines and vibrant distorted guitars, leading into arguably the best chorus these guys have written so far: cries of "nothing at all, nothing at all...come on, race me to the bottom!" should become a familiar chant in local Copenhagen venues in due time. The title track "Float" is another banger with groovy guitar melodies, but it's the sudden tempo shift and big, gang-shoutable sing along of "Waves" that steals the attention on the record later on. It's perhaps not quite as catchy and sing-alongable as "Dinosaur" earlier, but it's an explosive moment that gives the record some variety.

Production-wise, the mix has been left nice and rough, giving the record a charming, buzzing vibe as so many other basement style melodic punk bands before them. Too much polish and you risk ironing out the energetic feel, and too little, well, then it just doesn't sound good. Here, Forever Unclean have managed a good balance between the two, which should be enough to play these songs into the hearts of intimate, basement style sing along punk rock crowds across Europe.

Download: Waves, Dinosaur
For the fans of: The Flatliners, Stars Burn Stripes, Gnarwolves, Crucial Dudes, Shook Ones
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Release date 24.03.2017
Disconnect Disconnect Records

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