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Written by: MAK on 30/03/2017 23:26:39

Southampton based metalcore quintet, Our Hollow, Our Home, may well be one of the most hyped emerging heavy artists in the United Kingdom at the moment as they have just released their debut album, “Hartsick”. With just a few years under their belt, this is a band that has already played the likes of popular festivals Takedown and Butserfest, as well as having shared stages with The Amity Affliction, In Hearts Wake, Hacktivist and more.

The theme of ‘Hartsick’ is wildlife with most of the track names being a play on words mentioning a form of animal or feature of nature. Even the title of the album is a play on words to sound like heart sick, but with the spelling of hart, a type of male deer. Musically, Our Hollow, Our Home combines brutality with a melodic influence to it. Hard hitting breakdowns and intriguing technicality fronted by a combination of monstrous roars and shout along with some harmonious singing vocals.

The best track that showcases this is “Pride: Of Might and Mane”, which could best be described as a track that pulls influences from the likes of Architects and Bury Tomorrow. It contains the ferocity of both, but the technicality of Architects in the riff work and the soothing hooks and captivating clean singing segments of Bury Tomorrow.

Popular track “Worms Wood” is an onslaught of high tempo crunchy riffs and intense intricate drum patterns in the intro and verse, yet they chorus is uplifting. The Bad cop/good cop style of heavy meets melodic is a common feature in metalcore and the Southampton lads pull it off brilliantly. Pushing one extreme to the other, with earth shattering breakdowns balancing out the extra catchy singalongs.

There isn’t a lot of diversity within the tracks, most of the album features the mentioned factors of Our Hollow, Our Home’s melodic metalcore stance. The odd tracks and segments prick your ears, such as the synth intro to “Pride: Lieoness” and the song’s desire to deliver more of an uplifting nature than a brutal one. Plus, you have the instrumental pieces in “The Wild We Wait” and “The Forest Will Fall” to break the album up a little.

It’s a solid debut album from these lads and I have no doubt it will pique the interest from the likes of Download Festival and Slam Dunk over the next couple of years as this band continues to rise. It’s quite clear where the influences come from and the band uses them well, yet there isn’t anything distinctive about this quintet just now. There is nothing to automatically make me go, “This is Our Hollow, Our Home”. Though, there is the potential there to be up there with the likes of In Hearts Wake and Bury Tomorrow.


Download: Pride: Of Might and Mane, Worms Wood, The Sea Will Sleep
For The Fans Of: Bury Tomorrow, Architects, In Hearts Wake
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Release date 03.03.17
Self Release

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