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Written by: PP on 13/02/2017 19:47:45

Copenhagen-based punk rockers Big Mess, which features a couple of dudes from hardcore band Brudte Løfter among others, released a debut EP called "Big Happy" back in 2015. It was awfully produced and probably shouldn't have been released to anyone except family and friends, but despite its amateurish nature, the songs beneath the messy sound were actually pretty catchy. Their debut album "You Know I Care" is at least an improvement compared to the debut, but as the ridiculously sloppy artwork will suggest, it's still not exactly acceptable by modern standards.

Stylistically, the band plays an old school brand of pop punk that draws roughly from the genre's origins back when Green Day released "39/Smooth", combined with modern low-frills variety in the vein of The Murderburgers or The Copyrights. It's fairly generic pop punk with garage rock undertones and howled vocals that, honestly, suggest the band should probably get a new singer. Because while the melodies are (again) solid, the delivery is annoying at best, insufferable at worst. The howling style just doesn't fit the melodically ringing guitars very well.

In other areas, Big Mess do pretty well. The percussion patterns are varied and interesting, and the guitars save half of the record from their vocalist in their own right. The underlying hooks in songs like "Make Up Your Mind" or "One Good Reason" are excellent, and were they delivered with vocals that were actually on-tune, this release would be far better than it is in its current form. On a positive note, at least the sound overall has taken a big leap forward from the EP.

Download: Make Up Your Mind, Bad Decision, One Good Reason, One More Year
For the fans of: (old) Green Day, The Copyrights, The Murderburgers
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Release date 04.06.2016
Big Happy Records

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