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Honesty Lives Elsewhere

Written by: PP on 08/01/2017 21:41:11

Fat Wreck strikes again with the signing of Get Dead, who can best be described as a quintessential Fat Wreck Chords band if you're familiar with the kind of band on the label. Their new album "Honesty Lives Elsewhere" captures the essence of straight up punk rock without falling over to the no frills trap, effectively surfing across different styles of punk while keeping it intimately familiar in the process. You'll get everything from Dead To Me style upbeat punk rock, spliced with Midwestern punk in the vein of The Lawrence Arms or The Falcon, as well as anthemic stuff inspired by The Flatliners, ending up in folksy acoustic stuff that would've made Against Me! proud on their debut album.

All of this is steered by their vocalist whose coarse, whiskey-drenched pipes have some serious rough around the edges, maybe a bit too much at times like on "Grandiose" where he sounds like he's just about to throw up his vocal chords, street punk style. But take the infectiously catchy "Silence" and its signature Midwestern punk gravel in the screamy vocals, or the more anthemic "Keep Rowing, Stupid" with its sing-along chorus, and you'll hear exactly what I mean. It's the charisma and the honest, heart-on-your-sleeve style that makes them work and capture punk rock fans around the world without having to reinvent the wheel.

The bright guitars on "She's A Problem" also give a great platform for coarse vocals to shine especially given the uptempo nature of the song. Here, the instrumentals are busier than elsewhere on the album, but to a limited extent. After all, this is Fat Wreck punk so simplicity is key. That's why a song like "Cliffs" is so great - it reminds me of Banner Pilot records in that it's textbook Fat Wreck material, doesn't try to innovate or to break new ground in punk rock, but rather sticks to a tried and tested formula that works well. Essentially, that's what "Honesty Lives Elsewhere" is all about, with an added acoustic folk punk flavor added on for good measure.


Download: Silence, Dyin' Is Thirsty Work, She's A Problem, Cliffs
For the fans of: Dead To Me, The Lawrence Arms, The Falcon, The Flatliners, (old) Against Me!, Astpai
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Release date 29.07.2016
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