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Your World Won't Listen

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On their fifth full-length album "Your World Won't Listen", Cruel Hand continue to skate circles around the traditional hardcore bands with their signature sound happy hardcore, if that's what you can call their particularly groovy onslaught of rock'n'roll infused take on the genre. Following even firmer in the footsteps of Your Demise's divisive melodic punk inspired opus "The Golden Age" than 2014's "The Negatives", the record spits mercilessly in the collective faces of hardcore loyalists and genre purists by daring to attempt something totally different from the rest of the crowd.

Much like equally controversial groups Deez Nuts and Turnstile, Cruel Hand's approach has been to look at hardcore through an entirely different lens altogether. While mosh- and circle-pit friendly passages may dominate a song like "Decompose", its melodic gang-shouts have far more in common with heavy-hitting skate punk groups like Pennywise and Angel Du$t than the tear-jerk ripping, down-tuned aggression of Terror or Trapped Under Ice. No disrespect to either group meant here, but Cruel Hand's innovative style is simply a breath of fresh air amidst a genre that throughout the 2000s suffered from a lack of new ideas. Who said hardcore couldn't be infectiously catchy anyway? "In This Alone" is anthemic and stretches the genre definition to its absolute limits, yet doesn't forget to break it down with almost rapped, albeit barked choruses. Similarly, "Liquid Paper" is among the catchiest hardcore tracks of recent years - yes it sounds a whole lot like Your Demise but throwing in clean vocals into the mix simply works. The chorus is absolutely killer here, drawing from alternative rock and pop punk in equal measure for a memorable piece that's destined to be a hit during live shows.

Armed with a boatload of groovy riffs and a knack for writing instantly catchy choruses that defy the rules and traditions of the genre, Cruel Hand prove once again that they are one of the most interesting bands the genre has seen in, as they have continually done throughout their career. "Your World Won't Listen" might not appeal to hardcore loyalists, but it is a brilliant example of how different a genre can sound like if you dare to experiment with its very foundations. And don't worry - songs like "Nowhere, Nothing, Never" and "Too Far From That" offer plenty hardcore punk and two-step friendly material for those so inclined, so you're not left behind entirely.


Download: Liquid Paper, Too Far From That, Decompose
For the fans of: Your Demise, Turnstile, Deez Nuts, Angel Du$t
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Release date 09.09.2016
Hopeless Records

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