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Written by: MAK on 14/12/2016 17:13:31

Welsh thrash punks Pizzatramp have a name that makes them sound as if they played the type of skate punk that emulates the likes of NOFX and Lagwagon. But instead, the band has the same balls-to-the-wall, simplistic-yet-energetic approach to their TNS Records peers Revenge of the Psychotronic Man and Wonk Unit. Over the last year, Pizzatramp has gained a lot of hype in the United Kingdom’s DIY punk scene, and that has grown even more since their recently released album, “Blowing Chunks”.

The album kicks off with the relentlessly energetic “CCTV”. High tempo distorted riffs, frantic drums, and aggressive group-shouts dominate your ears on a track that clocks in at just over a minute long. It really sets the tone for what to expect from the rest of the outing. Follow-up track “Slick Witch” is more of a hardcore piece, reminiscent of Trash Talk in terms of its bass-heavy grooves — the roaring shouts even sound exactly like Trash Talk’s Lee Spielman. “Fuck ‘em Heavy” copies that hardcore influence, but drops the tempo massively as one of the rare slow tracks on the album. It’s dark and heavy, with down-tuned riffs and bass lines incredibly low.

Not a single song gets past the two-minute mark, but “Pollyticks” comes in as one of the longer tracks at 1 minute and 55 seconds. It opens up with more fast-paced, crunchy guitar rhythms and drum beats, only slowing down for a brief chorus before launching into one of the heaviest outros I’ve ever heard in punk. The thrashy riffs and hard hitting drum work certainly produce one of the more standout moments on the release, along with the catchy and simplistic chorus of “Scumbag Boogie”. Aggressive shouts of “Scumbag Boogie!” and then a ”Boogie Woogie!” on top of chaotic musicianship really pricks the ears.

“Queen of Ringland” has a Gallows-meets-Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes feel to it, with the almost bluesy punk riffs and the gang singing of “Make way for the Queen of Ringland”. It takes me back to listening to “Grey Britain”, with a hint of “Fang” from Carter’s solo album “Blossom”. “Town Clown” sticks out to me with the best verse riff on the album though; the rhythm sounds like a dirtier and somewhat sleazier version of Star Fucking Hipsters’ riff in “Banned from the Land”. “Nunchucks of Hell” takes short songs to the extreme by being a 12-second, bass-heavy, punchy discharge which sets up the title track, “Blowing Chunks” — probably the best example of using every piece of influence that makes Pizzatramp who they are, comprising pretty much everything that has been mentioned in this review: extremely fast drumming and riffs, then some groovy hooks, while the vocals switch from chaotic vocal melodies to something catchy. It blends everything together perfectly

“Blowing Chunks”, as an album, is probably one of the best straight-up punk albums from a British band I’ve heard for a while. The mixture of thrash punk, hardcore punk and skate punk vibes blends incredibly well. In recent years, American bands have been at the forefront for the genre and all of its sub-genres as well. But Pizzatramp and TNS Records can now be proud of a release that will put some focus towards the British punk scene. It’s a raw album, yet the production still makes it sound great.


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For the fans of: Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Trash Talk, The SLM
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Release date 11.11.2016
TNS Records

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