Body Cults

Written by: BV on 24/11/2016 20:08:00

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to a band like Narcosatanicos. In many ways, they are probably one of the most unique bands I have ever encountered. Their influences are crystal clear, yet they never fully commit to really sounding like any of them. On their debut I heard nuances similar to Suicide, The Stooges and Brainbombs – but I also heard avant-garde influences, jazzy constructs and in some ways a rather doom-metal inspired approach. With “Body Cults”, the band’s second full-length album, the list of influences found in the music has increased exponentially – as has the band’s prowess.

Opening with “Vulvic Church” it becomes abundantly clear that Narcosatanicos are still as uncompromising as ever. Initially lured in by the pristine saxophone, I find my mind to be immediately bombarded with one of the heaviest and most catchy riffs I have heard all year. It is simply crushing, to say the least. Fueled by grim lyricism and matching vocals, a wall of blistering guitars and a low-end so hard-hitting that I’m worried my speakers will eventually give out, “Vulvic Church” embodies everything there is to say about Narcosatanicos if you were to introduce a complete stranger to them. That is not to say that there aren’t millions of other sides to the band’s music, but let’s face it – if you’re a newcomer then “Vulvic Church” is a pretty wild introduction and you might just scare people off by delving deeper into the maniacal musical universe of Narcosatanicos. Perhaps it is quite fitting then, that “Vile” – a semi-radio friendly track – follows “Vulvic Church” in an effort to deter the listener from complete despair. With its fast-paced riff and, once more, superb catchiness we’re hearing a version of Narcosatanicos which has become quite refined in contrast to how the band sounded on their debut.

Everything is still surrounded by an immediate sense of chaos and danger, but in a much more controlled setting where you still get the ferocity – just in carefully planned amounts, so as to optimize the onslaught. “Television Dreams” sounds like what I’d imagine an amphetamine-fueled descent into crippling mania and paranoia would sound like. – As others have likely said before me, this could potentially be the sound of madness set to music. Much of the same can be said about “Matamoros” even though this track is far more mellow – positioning itself as a contrast to the remainder of the album.

Where Narcosatanicos’ debut could be a daunting task to listen to all at once from time to time, “Body Cults” never quite seems to be dragged down in the same way – signifying not only a massive growth within the band as songwriters, but also as instrumentalists as there are far more nuances present in their sound overall, on this second outing. Closing with the grim 9-minute voyage through sound in the form of “Bliss”, Narcosatanicos could hardly have left a larger impact on me. I believe this is one of the strongest albums of 2016 and if you disagree, I highly recommend giving the album another spin. It may take a while to get into, but it is fully worth it.


Download: Vile, Vulvic Church, Mania
For The Fans Of: Suicide, Brainbombs, The Stooges

Release date 28.10.2016
Bad Afro Records

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