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Rock The Fuck On Forever

Written by: PP on 10/11/2016 22:02:58

Angel Du$t's debut album "A.D." was an interesting idea strictly stylistically speaking, but it was lacking in execution. "Rock The Fuck On Forever", on the other hand, is arguably the freshest sound in 2016, and a candidate for the album of the year. If Torche teamed up with Pennywise and wrote an album that perfectly harmonizes skate punk with stoner rock and hardcore, this album would be it. All you need to do is to start with the lead single "Stay"; initial reactions of people to the song have been along the lines of "that...that was amazing" and "holy fuck that was fresh!", and with good reason. It seems all that Daniel Fang touches turns to gold: Turnstile's "Nonstop Feeling" was a unique mix of shoegaze and hardcore, and with Angel Du$t, he and Justice Tripp (Trapped Under Ice) create the same effect, only with skate punk and stoner rock.

Let's take a step back and remind ourselves of Torche's "Harmonicraft". What they did on that release was to create a new genre - pop-stoner. "Rock The Fuck On Forever" is, in essence, the same result, merging the tight, high tempo skate punk riffs into a hardcore-fueled, but stoner rock-flavored hybrid sound. It's bass-heavy and distortion-driven, drawing equally from Torche's skull-crushing heaviness as it does from the experimentalist indie/shoegaze flavors of Turnstile (check out "Twist n Shout" in particular). There are dreamy vocals juxtaposed against funky grooves CKY/Fu Manchu style. There are songs with relentless tempo backed by shouts and hardcore chants, such as opener "Toxic Boombox", but there are also quick bursts of stoner punk with a twist of shoegaze in between like "Upside Down". Most of all it is maddeningly catchy.

"Headstone", for instance, explodes out of the gate with its sublime groove and upbeat vocals and unpredictable tempo changes mid-song. "Ready 2 Receive U" is the most adventurous song you'll hear in punk this year, yet it's infectiously catchy and you'll be humming along with the chorus in no time. Did I mention its rampage tempo and bass vibration that'll no doubt create vicious pits in live environments?

But aside from its seamless shake up of a multiple, on-paper incompatible genres together into an infectiously catchy format, the best aspect of "Rock The Fuck On Forever" is its vast variety. The barks on the hardcore-fueled "Hurt You Bad" stand on even footing against the uptempo party vibes of "Stay", and the metallic undertones of "Somebody Else". That they managed to do this with songs that rarely break the two-minute mark is all the more impressive. But here's the thing: these quick bursts of rapid-fire stoner/skate punk/hardcore showcase brilliant musical innovation at it's very best. I'll guarantee you haven't heard a record like this one in a long while.


Download: Stay, Ready 2 Receive U, Headstone, Twist N Shout, Upside Down, Rectify
For the fans of: Torche, Pennywise, Turnstile, CKY, Gorilla Biscuits, Lifetime
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Release date 20.05.2016
Pop Wig Records

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