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Patch The Sky

Written by: PP on 06/11/2016 22:26:55

There's no denying that Bob Mould owns one of the best voices in punk rock. Part grunge, hints of melodic punk flavor, and a cheerful 90s alternative rock-oriented style has always catapulted his releases both as a solo artist but also as the iconic frontman for Hüsker Dü into critical acclaim. That voice is once again on magnificent display on his 12th solo album "Patch The Sky", a brilliant alternative rock album with enough punk nuances to make it a crossover record between the two audiences.

Much like "Beauty & Ruin" two years ago, the record is rammed with buzzing guitars, vibrant melodies, and distortion-laden riffs that echo the 90s alternative rock scene in the best light. "Hold On" is a massive crowd pleaser with an instantly recognizable chorus, yet is depth-driven and rich in texture both in terms of style and atmosphere. Then you have a song like "The End Of Things" or "You Say You", two eerily charming tracks with a natural friendly tone overall that double as infectiously catchy pop punk pieces, only drenched in grunge flavors and buzzing guitars instead of polish and easy hooks.

And here he's just getting started. Later, "Pray For Rain" demonstrates a song where the sheer joy of playing electric guitar is manifested beautifully within the song, evident in its incredibly cheerful distortion, high tempo, and its ability to emit such buzzing warmth using tools as simple as fuzzy guitars and charming vocals. It's rare to come by natural talent like Bob Mould nowadays, where everything just sounds so effortless. The songs click together into one long thread of one vibrant melody after another with fantastic chorus melodies battling for space against the beautifully layered, distortion-laden riffs. A prime example of how happy all records should sound like - Mould is playing his heart out with his emotions laid bare for all to see, and it just works.


Download: The End Of Things, Hold On, Pray For Rain, You Say You
For the fans of: Hüsker Dü, The Hold Steady, Dinosaur Jr., Superchunk
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Release date 25.03.2016
Merge Records

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