Pludselig Sidder Du Her EP

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Usually I'm not big on releases sung entirely in Danish because of the limited international appeal they tend to have, but here's a refreshing exception. "Pludselig Sidder Du Her" is the debut EP by Udengrund, written and recorded somewhere in the Danish provinces, which carries its countryside origins proud on its sleeve throughout the record. What starts as singer-songwriter influenced Americana/country, quickly transitions into surprisingly flavour-rich bluegrass rock that draws equally from old Danish veterans Gasolin as it does from the noisy and lo-fi distortion laden soundscapes of Oasis post-"Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants"-era.

Indeed, opener "Vejen Hjem" sounds like heavy inspiration is drawn from the Gallagher brothers, just with added instrumentation like harmonica and other folksy instruments. That style is merged with lo-fi approach to production, leaving behind a fuzzy, yet vibrant soundscape that should also remind you of the likes of Dinosaur Jr. and Superchunk, particularly on "Kunstig Ånde". Elsewhere, flutes are added to the mix, and in other places still, Wild West style ambiance is the basis for the song moods, as seen on "Broerne Brænder", for instance.

All of the above is packaged into a fresh, unassuming provincial rock package that certainly isn't ashamed of its roots. Rather, it draws its best qualities from the imagery of beautiful countryside with birds singing and rabbits carelessly roaming on the massive fields out there ("Hul Igennem" - I'm looking at you). Still, the Oasis-style alternative rock noise is what saves the expression from redundancy, because the standard big folk Grøn Koncert style wouldn't otherwise be very interesting. Here, Udengrund leave behind a thoroughly surprising result while playing with questionable stylistic choices, but it's still plagued by it's lack of potential due to its outsider genre and language barrier for non-Danes.


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For the fans of: Oasis, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Gasolin,
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Release date 05.02.2016
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