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Written by: MAK on 30/09/2016 13:21:45

Formed in early 2015, London-based alt-rockers Greyhaven have wasted little time in proving themselves as an exciting prospect within the United Kingdom’s rock and metal scenes. Drawing influence from the expansive world of Metal and Rock, with a particular affection for heavyweight riff slingers Trivium, Rise to Remain and Architects, as well as Post-Hardcore heroes Alexisonfire, Greyhaven produces colossal modern Rock stocked with captivating vocal melodies, engrossing solos and intricate yet heavy instrumentation.

It may be early in the Greyhaven’s career, but the quintet is already onto their second release, “State of Mind”. This new EP is a strong progression from the band’s debut release, “The Flood”, which sees the crew solidly evolve and yet still retain the venom from their first recordings.

We open with “Sinners”, a melodic instrumental piece showcasing the band’s ability to deliver a soothing atmosphere before we launch into “Hexes”. The tempo picks up and the tone of the EP swiftly changes as an array of technical riffs hits your ears along with savage roaring vocals and hard hitting beats. In the mix flows as clean singing chorus containing a somewhat soothing vocal melody and a guitar solo to match as they are layered on top of the heaviness.

The influence of post-hardcore and metalcore is even more apparent on “Darkest Hour”. Delivering a more anthemic and emotion filled chorus, yet the verse vocals are even more monstrous than they were in Hexes. It’s a reminder of Underoath who balanced their heavy and emotive sides sublimely.

Songs like “On & On” and “Brother” then unleash Greyhaven’s ability to create radio friendly hits laced with big hooks and catchy choruses. “Brother” is so uplifting it could very well be classed as an epic pop-punk hit, completely different to how the EP started. While these songs don’t showcase the musical talents that “Hexes” and “Darkest Hour” deliver, these catchier songs have the potential to make the quintet stand out above the pecking order of similar bands.

While I enjoyed this EP, potential is the key word to describe “State of Mind”. it doesn’t feel like the finished product just yet and I feel that Greyhaven is still trying to figure out the direction they want to go. The talent is there for the band to go all out heavy, and quite clearly create catchy hits that can flood radio airwaves. “State of Mind” just seems like it is confused in which one it wants to let shine the most.


Download: Hexes, On & On, Brother
For The Fans Of: Funeral for a Friend, Underoath, Alexisonfire

Release date 02.09.2016
Self released

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