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Written by: TL on 06/11/2007 01:02:37

Good evening readers, we're on to the next batch of reviews and since I'm planning on doing three before sleep catches up to me, I'll waste little time on introductions and tell you simply that the album under the microscope is "Masked" by Machinemade God and it is somewhat safe to put aside the fright of labeling music, as this is quite simply metalcore in one of the purest forms I've witnessed.

To initiate with the mentioning of what could be called the "bad stuff" about this record for once, let's just say that originality can't be something the guys in Machinemade God look upon as being overly valuable, at least so far as style is concerned. They sound so much like As I Lay Dying do on "Shadows Are Security" that if I didn't know better I might think it was the same band. Melodic guitar work, marauding screamed verses and clean sung choruses are the order of the day, with the clean vocals standing out the strongest, as they somehow remind me of those of Taproot (Which, granted, is strange, but nevertheless..). While there are no other hints of that band, there is however little else to set what these guys do apart from what As I Lay Dying, Bullet For My Valentine and All That Remains have been doing for some time now.

The bright side of things is that the dudes in Machinemade God aren't half bad at doing it. While only "Voices" comes close to being as downright catchy as some of the stuff that made the careers of the mentioned bands, even the seemingly weaker material manages to sidestep some of the pitfalls those same bands fall into when they do miss their mark (like when choruses are just a bit sweeter than you can take seriously or the same catchy riff is recycled just one time too many - you know what I'm talking about).

Now for the sheer craftsmanship the band displays when creating a batch of melodies that all go down enjoyably, I'm inclined to throw a nice grade at this band, and for the sweet ass solo present here and there I'm inclined to maybe throw half a grade in as a bonus. In the end, however, I kind of have to deduct a point for lack of originality as well. Completely enjoyable as long as you're not looking for any revolutions.

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For the fans of: As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, Bullet For My Valentine
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Release date 27.08.07
Metal Blade Records
Provided by Target ApS

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