Green Star

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If there's a band more original and innovative in today's punk rock scene than PEARS, please do me a favor and point me in their direction in the comments section below. Exploding from out of nowhere with the bombastic and frenetic experimental punk release "Go To Prison" (released late 2014 overseas originally), PEARS singlehandedly show us what is possible to do with the genre if you forget about the strict confines of punk's multitude of sub-genres and liberally traverse back and forth between them like the technical barriers didn't even exist in the first place. As such, "Green Star" was always going to be a difficult sophomore album to release, because, without careful consideration of its style, the PEARS spark could've burned out as quickly as it was ignited in the first place.

In that context, "Green Star" is a successful follow-up to "Go To Prison", even if it doesn't carry the same momentum of "holy fuck what did I just listen to" as the first album did. The band still specialize in explosive rhythm changes that vary songs between pedal to the floor hardcore punk, mid-tempo skate punk and everything in between. Fat Wreck influences are merged seamlessly with old school punk ethos, and references to 80s hardcore bands are as ubiquitous as are nods towards technical punk masters like A Wilhelm Scream.

A song like the title track is an essential signature-sound type of a track given its unpredictable shifts between straight up hardcore, pop punk, and melodic punk in rapid-fire succession. That it manages both to the ferociously aggressive and sing-along catchy with light pop punk touches at the same time is only underlining the innovative songwriting capacity that PEARS possess. Screams and growls go hand in hand with clean vocal melodies, gravelly vocals Midwestern style pop up randomly, all the while metallic riffage suggests PEARS could fare well as a metal band on occasion. All of this is merged into one glorious punk cocktail that is among the freshest soundscapes you'll hear within the genre. How many bands do you know who manage to sound like Banner Pilot, A Wilhelm Scream, Descendents, and Kid Dynamite all in the same song ("Partridge")?

The best tracks - "Hinged By Spine", "Green Star", "Partridge" and "Great Mt. Ida" - all manage to deliver infectiously catchy punk rock drenched in hardcore and skate punk undertones, but the rest of the material is solid as well. Though arguably not as memorable as "Go To Prison" was for its wow-effect, "Green Star" is pretty much everything a PEARS fan could've hoped from a follow-up.


Download: Hinged By Spine, Green Star, Great Mt. Ida, Partridge, Snowflake
For the fans of: Star Fucking Hipsters, Leftöver Crack, Kid Dynamite, Descendents, A Wilhelm Scream
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Release date 01.04.2016
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