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At Peace Amongst Chaos

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When Manchester hardcore outfit Broken Teeth announced they had signed with Nuclear Blast, arguably the biggest independent metal label in the world, the UK hardcore community exploded in excitement. Over the last nine years, the band have gone through several members but have grown to become one of the most popular bands in the entirety of the UK hardcore scene. It is no surprise that some of the most iconic names in hardcore sing their praise towards Broken Teeth. Previously at an Impericon Festival hosted in Manchester, the mighty Terror only had good words to say about the local lads.

Broken Teeth’s creativity shows a distinct influence from early 90s hardcore and thrash and this is showcased in their captivating riff work. By throwing in some of the best grooves heard in hardcore in the title-track on their EP “The Seeker”. Broken Teeth channel sounds that the likes of Hatebreed would have unleashed early on in their career while adding in that UK Beatdown brute attitude that can ignite some of the most violent mosh pits you’ll ever see.

What has changed for Broken Teeth on their debut album “At Peace Amongst Chaos” is a clear decision to increase that thrash influence tenfold. Within the opening track “Take Me Away”, a lot of the key factors that make Broken Teeth distinctive are still there, the hooking riffs, Dale Graham's vocals are still brutish, perhaps not as raw and guttural as they sound even a couple of years back on the split with The Mongoloids. But the overall feel of the track is as if Broken Teeth aren’t playing devil’s advocate with the pits in the same way you’d expect, that the aim is to create a real headbanging anthem with the title words sticking out like a sore thumb to be shouted back.

This is a theme that appears to run throughout “At Peace Amongst Chaos”. For a lot of the album, Broken Teeth don’t sound as brutally heavy as they previously have on tracks like “Soul Destroyer” or “Life Worry”. What is also apparent is the less frequent use of the deep angry “Beatdown” chugs, though they aren’t completely gone as they are awesomely utilised in video track “Show No Mercy’. Instead, the band unleash more of the fast riffs with simple yet highly energetic beats. This will please and fan of early hardcore and thrash that thrived in the 80s.

Title-track “At Peace Amongst Chaos” however shows off all of the quintet’s hooking traits. The band’s technical ability from the groovy basslines to the impeccable guitar work. The intricate rhythms and the ear-pricking solo melodies layered on top are trademark Broken Teeth. Then there are segments that will please older fans with the brutal heavy moments and the 2-step invitations. It is all there. ‘Nothing Like You’ is another track that is closer to the signature Broken Teeth sound we have all come to know and love, expect a mixture of swift circle pits and arms flailing when this is performed live.

While I’m quite surprised by this release, I’m not disappointed in the slightest and it looks as if the only way for Broken Teeth is upwards in terms of popularity. While “At Peace Amongst Chaos” could divide opinion of older fans that want more of a violent sound, the “metal” tone is certainly going to hook in a wider audience range.


Download: At Peace Amongst Chaos, Nothing Like You, Show No Mercy
For The Fans Of: Breaking Point, Hatebreed, Terror, Knuckledust

Release date 06.05.2016
Nuclear Blast Records

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