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For those of you who are unaware of where Sunrise Skater Kids came from, they are a parody band that supposedly come from Baltimore. The foundation was laid by popular YouTube personality Jarrod Alonge back in 2013 in his “Every Pop Punk Vocalist” video which took the piss out of pop-punk stereotypes. The joke went further a year later when Alonge decided to release a song named “Pop Punk Pizza Party” with the help from As It Is vocalist Patty Walters. The demand for more Sunrise Skater Kids grew.

Last year Alonge released a parody album, “Beating A Dead Horse” that featured Sunrise Skater Kids and various other fake bands that ripped into the stereotypes of other genres that include hardcore, metalcore, djent and crunk-rock. Now we are in 2016 and the popularity of Sunrise Skater Kids has grown so much that Alonge decided to record “Friendville”, a full-length album for the fake pop-punk band.

“Friendville” takes all the recognised features of pop-punk, ranging from the Blink 182 era to the pop-punk revival of the likes of The Story So Far, even the use of easycore and acoustic pop-punk is involved in this humorous release. Musically the songs are mixed from the heavy chugs of easycore to the emotional side of acoustic influences, but commonly the songs are aimed to be overly catchy, full of easy chords, high pitched vocals are incredibly hooking, bouncy beats and just an overall fun listen. There is even a song called “The Catchy One” which is all about these features and having a song stuck in your head. What helps is that none of the topics are to be taken seriously at all.

The topics on this album range from a spoiler-filled story by Kylo Ren from Star Wars in “Rylo Ken” or overzealous violent moshers in easycore hit “Pit Warrior”. One of the best tracks is just about getting old in “All The Old Things", which happens to be a medley using the melodies of many well-known pop-punk hits like “Fat Lip” by Sum 41 and "Misery Business" by Paramore. It turns out to be a fun game of guess the original track and a nod to the metalcore version Alonge did on “Beating A Dead Horse” called “Hey Jarrod, What’s That Song Again?”. Both songs are hilarious.

Alonge has gained some friends over the years and has managed to get quite a few guests to appear on the album including August Burns Red guitarist J.B Brubaker on “Garage Door”, providing some of his trademark technical genius and soothing melodies. Christina Rotondo of FAULTLINES fills in for the Hayley Williams part in “All The Old Things”, Patty Walters is back providing more of his catchy vocals in Nothing Special, though his part in “Pop Punk Pizza Party” has been re-recorded by another YouTube personality Dave Days.

“Friendville” is fun as long as you don’t take yourself too seriously and like the idea of ripping into social and cultural stereotypes. Alonge has outdone himself in creativity for this album, appealing to those who find certain topics amusing, and it seem like he had a lot of fun in the process of making this album.


Download: Pit Warrior, All The Old Things, Rylo Ken
For The Fans Of: As It Is, Four Year Strong, New Found Glory,The Wonder Years

Release date 01.04.2016

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