Blue-Sky Research

Written by: PP on 27/08/2005 04:17:06

Taproot's done it again. In 2002 they sneaked behind everyone's back and released "Welcome", which blew away critics and fans alike. It was largely speculated whether the band could return with an album that was both better and, more importantly, different from the previous effort, or if would they fall into the 'Linkin Park' trap of creating repetitive albums one after another. "Blue-Sky Research" is a determined 'NO' for the latter. The vocal range is ampler, the songwriting has matured, and the songs have much bigger amplitude than those from "Welcome".

"Calling", "Forever Endeavor", "Promise", "Facepeeler" and "So Eager" are the best songs the band has ever composed, which just showcases the massive potential the band possesses. On one hand, the band can write tracks like "Facepeeler", heavy enough to scare away your neighbors within a hundred meter radius, and on the other hand the band is capable of tracks like "Promise" that cause no confrontation with your parents while playing it in their presence. "Blue-Sky Research"'s songs range from one extreme to the other while being equally good, which is already a remarkable achievement. But when you write thirteen songs, each capable of becoming a definite hit, you're onto something big.

What we're looking at here is possibly this year's most complete nu-metal record. At least I can't see another contender in the genre to knock Taproot down from the nu-metal throne this year.


Download: Promise, Calling
For the fans of: Tool, Spineshank

Release date 16.08.2005
Atlantic / Wea

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