The Fuse

Written by: PP on 19/08/2005 16:02:55

Get ready ladies and gentlemen, because Pennywise's newest release "The Fuse" is ready to scratch away all of your bad memories from their last album "From The Ashes". With "The Fuse", Pennywise returns to their late 90s sound while keeping their newer, easily accessible and more anthemic sound on the train that's taking them back home to rule the skatepunk sector after the short slip with "From The Ashes". This album has all the best parts of "Full Circle" and "Straight Ahead" with its speed and good old Pennywise riffs, the soothingly memorable sing along parts of "Land Of The Free", and the band has even added a good couple of guitar solos - something which has been missing from most of their previous songs.

Each and every piece on the album is filled with politics. "Stand Up" is one of the most direct attacks on George W I've heard in a long time, and "Fox TV", one of the best tracks on the album, is an overly melodic piece about the subjectivity of the republican Fox Networks in the states.

Countless punk bands' lyrics today are inspired by the government of George W and the rebellion against it, and Pennywise is no exception. Unfortunately, many of these bands fail to have any real arguments, but Pennywise's lyrics are always spot on, agree with them or not. The lyrical talent is where a part of the strength of this album lies; "The Competition Song" might just have some of the best Pennywise lyrics I've ever heard- the criticism of the American corporate society is thrillingly satisfying to an anti-Capitalist such as myself.

For more than a decade extensive power chords, memorable choruses, and the lyrical aggression have been the successful formula for Pennywise to become and stay as the kings of the skatepunk realm, and "The Fuse" just strengthens their position as the leaders of this genre.


Download: Fox TV, Competition Song
For the fans of: Deviates, 1208

Relase date 09.08.2005
Epitaph / Ada

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