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Dayseeker's debut "What It Means To Be Defeated" was so well-received in 2013 that it's almost no surprise to find the band peaking at no. 20 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart back in early May for sophomore album "Origin". It's a record that on surface sounds like every other post-hardcore band out of the Rise Records compression factory in recent years, but underneath showcases talent that few modern bands in the genre possess. As such, the hype surrounding this band has been considerable, as has the critical acclaim for "Origin", and here's why: Rory Rodriguez.

Handling both cleans and piercing screams and growls, the range demonstrated by Rodriguez is spectacular throughout "Origin". He takes us through hauntingly beautiful clean vocal passages with some very deep, emotional lyricism questioning his faith and dealing with other existential topics, singing at a high pitch level that immediately recalls Dallas Green from his Alexisonfire years or Liam Cromby of We Are The Ocean fame. At the same time, his screamed vocals take from Architects' Sam Carter, giving the songs a brutal, razor-sharp edge that contrasts nicely against the softer, more emo-laden sections. Instrumentally, the latter band is closely emulated during the heavier sections, but elsewhere, typical post-hardcore instrumentation takes over: high-flying guitars, expansive soundscapes, and an echoing production that gives the expression a distinctly dramatic, but not necessarily a theatrical feel. Silent Planet is a good parallel to draw for those familiar with that band.

But if there's one thing that "Origin" suffers from, it is inconsistency. There are some marvelous post-hardcore pieces on this album that are impossible not to like if you've got even a hint of a post-hardcore fan inside you. The balladic and cleaner material is sublime and often back-chilling in its nature. But many of the heavier sections are still anonymous: they feel derivative of so many other bands before them that they drag the expression down somewhat. This is, however, but a minor gripe on an otherwise solid post-hardcore album that reminds us the genre still has something to offer in 2015.


Download: Dead To The World-Alive In My Eyes, Never See The Sun Rise, The Burning Of Bridges
For the fans of: Architects, We Are The Ocean, Silent Planet, Blessthefall
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Release date 21.04.2015
InVogue Records

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