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For their sophomore album "Glorified", St. Prostitute have taken a big leap towards relevance by fine-tuning their hard rock sound away from 80s rock'n'roll worship and towards a more modern, alternative rock fueled expression. What's more, the Copenhagen-based sleaze rockers have upped their songwriting considerably from 2012 debut "Here Come The Prostitutes", a fine album itself but nowhere near as catchy and dynamic as "Glorified" is second time around.

If you've heard any of the past five Papa Roach albums, you'll recognize a very familiar formula being applied here. Crunchy riffs, semi-scratchy vocals, and classic hard rock grooves are everywhere, but the expression is being executed with a tremendous amount of energy and a precision-guided accuracy for nailing the choruses down in every song. From anthemic ballads like "Red Car" through pure party rockers like "L.A. Party" to straight up cliché rock'n'roll songs like "Dead By Rock 'n' Roll", nearly every song on "Glorified" is instantly catchy when it comes down to the chorus department. And as mentioned earlier, the band have successfully avoided the super-generic mould of yet another rock'n'roll band by adopting a more modern production and distortion effect in their guitars, a huge part of why Papa Roach are so successful with their take on the hard rock genre.

Vocalist Fussy Korsholm also deserves a huge amount of credit for his charismatic, high-energy onslaught with the microphone. While his lyricism is occasionally subpar, his delivery is always spot on and drives the songs forward through powerful and memorable melodies. Though considerably more hard rock in his approach, his melody-driven style recalls those by Ville Valo of HIM and the dudes in The 69 Eyes, especially when you reach darker pieces like "Leech" later on on the album.

Either way, "Glorified" is one of the finest hard rock albums I've heard by a Danish band in years. The songs are catchy and enjoyable, and never have you thinking not another dreaded generic rock band from Copenhagen like the vast majority of their peers. International caliber, that's for sure.


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For the fans of: Papa Roach, HIM, Bon Jovi, The 69 Eyes
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Release date 07.08.2015
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