Gentleman's Pistols

Gentleman's Pistols

Written by: PP on 24/09/2007 13:17:18

What do you get when you have a bunch of guys who idolize Black Sabbath's eponymous debut and "Use Your Illusion" era Guns N Roses? British four-piece Gentleman's Pistols have the answer: 30 minutes of extremely groovy, no-frills rock and roll with an attitude fitted into ten tracks.

Forget about wrecking hotel rooms-style dirty rock n roll like Motörhead and Mötley Crüe. Gentleman's Pistol sounds like a band that's having a truck load of fun while they're playing. The riffs are lively and original, and don't suffer from sounding like carbon copies of the original gangsters, although there's no way you can deny that the influence is there. Starting from the bouncy "Widow Maker" going through the fancy leads of balladic "The Lady", Gentleman's Pistols successfully create an image of the 80s that fits into 2007 - think Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster played in a more Guns N Roses kind of style filled with soloing.

And then it happens, out from the middle of nowhere the band throws on "Heavy Petting", a track that demands an immediate reference to Sublime's ballads. The vocalist sounds so much like late Brad Nowell that for a moment I thought he had come back from the dead to guest on that track. It's absolutely the album's highlight and the direction this band should seriously think about going to, despite the obvious parallel. We just don't have enough bands like Sublime around these days.

All in all, if you want a proper rock and roll kick in the butt, go for Gentleman's Pistols. It's what "Chinese Democracy" could sound like without the arrogance of Axl Rose.

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Release date 13.08.2007
Rise Above Records
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