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Old Souls

Written by: PP on 26/09/2015 23:50:46

For many, metalcore and deathcore may seem like genres way past their prime, but occasionally a band pops up with an upwards trajectory with a velocity that's hard to ignore. Hailing from Perth, Australia, which seems to be the promised land of -core music these days, Make Them Suffer landed a record deal with Roadrunner based on their promising 2010 EP "Lord of Woe", and since then have moved up on the package tour supporting slots into a deathcore behemoth with over 200k fans on Facebook as of this writing. Their sophomore album "Old Souls" offers a glimpse into why they are considered one of the most exciting deathcore bands we've seen in a while.

The best look is given on "Threads", a masterpiece title-worthy of a deathcore track that perfectly combines the brutality and blast beat oriented breakdown culture of deathcore as a genre with more melodic and symphonic elements. The result is immense. The chorus melody features a notable rhythm change from the verses, where an orchestral section draws from more symphonic bands in the genre accompanied by classical piano, whilst thickly growled vocals manage one of the catchiest lines of their kind, all the while killer guitar hooks bat a home run. This track alone is enough to elevate Make Them Suffer on par with genre heavyweights Whitechapel and Suicide Silence. It's not often deathcore is presented in as melodic and enjoyable form as this, creating a wide-open opportunity to capture fans outside of the genre's traditional following as well.

"Scraping The Barrel", on the other hand, consists of a more aggressive approach. Here, rapid fire deathcore pummeling complete with blast beats makes for a chilling listen given the classical piano backing melody. Again, the solid growls are the highlight as they dominate the track much like Job For A Cowboy did on their landmark releases.

"Timeless" gives a chance for the band's keyboardist Louisa Burton to air her silkier vocals in a more atmospheric setting. It's almost balladic in its nature and honestly doesn't add much to the record. She does much better as the contrasting element flying sky high on the background of hauntingly beautiful title track "Old Souls", which features a grand symphonic soundscape battling for space against traditional metalcore instrumentation and ravaging screams. Here, Make Them Suffer prove much like on "Threads" how big of a capacity they possess in songwriting compared to many of their one-dimensional peers.

Sure, the record contains more straight up deathcore tracks like "Blood Moon" and "Requiem", but overall "Old Souls" is rock solid deathcore, better than i've heard in years.


Download: Threads, Scraping The Barrel, Old Souls
For the fans of: Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder, Suicide Silence
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Release date 29.05.2015

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