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Written by: TL on 16/09/2007 20:45:49

If you're a returning reader of this site (of course you are <3), you should by now have been treated to several occasions of me bitching about all the mainstream pop/emo/punk that come straight out of the American music industry and straight into my list of pending reviews. However, this time around, I have to admit that I have actually been positively surprised by Scenes From A Movie's debut "The Pulse".

From the get go these guys have one thing to show us. While they might not be anything remotely resembling original in their interpretation of the good old Fall Out Boy-alike approach to pop punk (we're talking the "Take This To Your Grave" style here), they damn well know how to do it well. "Save You" is a brilliant picture perfect example of what kind of electrifying experience a true upbeat pop punk song should be like. "If I Die" goes straight to your mind with the catchy "If I die too young, I will rest on a mountain of the things that I've done" chorus.

This record does have some issues though. Tony Bush's vocal performance is, while certainly convincing in terms of attitude, not exactly reinventing anything in the emopop genre, and it's is pretty clear that he can certainly work on his versatility. Also, it could be easily argued that diversity is painstakingly lacking on "The Pulse". Then again, I've heard more than my share of similar records that have been plagued by an overload of unnecessary balladic cheesefests, so you really won't see me complaining about a pop punk album that keeps the tempo up on every song, save the closer "Goodbye Reckless", which in turn is full blown and well working anthem in its own right. Especially not when each and every song, while similar to the next, is still completely likeable on its own.

Thus, summing up, it is my impression that while Scenes From A Movie might be just another band on the pop punk assembly line of American music industry, from that huge ocean of bands, they are already one of my bands of choice. Sure enough they are predictable and their singer might not win awards any time soon, but that only serves to show how far you can still go on good catchy songwriting and an uncompromising will to raise hell by keeping your punk-pace up.


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Release Date 24.07.2007
One Big Spark

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