Quintessential Ephemera

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Rosetta have quietly risen to become a force to be reckoned with on the post-metal scene with four full-lengths in their back catalogue prior to "Quintessential Ephemera", their fifth album and likely a career-defining masterpiece that they'll look back on in years to come. They've added Eric Jernigan of City of Ships fame on guitar and vocals, which has further fine-tuned their sound into a more uniform and artistically complete expression that's as depth-laden as it is beautiful in its entirety. The resulting soundscape throughout "Quintessential Ephemera" is a hauntingly beautiful post-metal landscape that perfectly balances the metal elements with the typically quieter and more fragile post-rock style instrumentation, where chaotic energy is only kept at bay through a slower and more deliberate tempo that upholds tranquillity just enough to make the release stick.

Here, somber melodies lull you into a dreamy and expansive soundscape, while the faded back roared lead vocals ensure there's enough punch and edge to the sound to appeal to metalheads as much as it does to the melody-obsessed post-rock fans. It's a very uniform soundscape throughout, which is exactly why Rosetta have opted to name the songs - aside from opener "After The Funeral" and closing ninth track "Nothing In The Guise Of Something" - just as "Untitled I" to "Untitled "VII" to further embody the album as an art project ahead of everything else. But despite the enormous depth found in the song structures, "Quintessential Ephemera" is a surprisingly easy listen, thanks to the frankly brilliant melodic build ups that culminate in back-chilling roared screams at just the right moment, while providing enough backing melody at the same time. "Untitled I", for instance, explodes into an astonishingly beautiful section just like that towards the end of its 7 minute run time, and "Untitled IV" likewise provides a perfect balance between light, post-rock inspired instrumentation and the usual post-metal type roars that permeate the entire album. Echoes to material by City Of Ships, Isis, Kerretta and even Cult Of Luna are omnipresent but never more than as intended tribute: Rosetta bring their own interpretation of stormy tranquillity as post-metal is often best described as.

The addition of Eric Jernigan's charismatic clean vocals does wonders to the overall Rosetta sound. It almost feels like they've been missing a competent backing vocalist to contrast their roaring screamer who can fully own passages of the songs as his own, without having to do so all of the time. Songs like the two mentioned before, and "Untitled V", are testament to this successful evolution as a band. Basically, the resulting album is a breathtakingly beautiful release where metal stands in perfect harmony with lighter songwriting elements. If there is only one post-metal album you'll check out in 2015, make sure it's the Rosetta release.


Download: Untitled I, Untitled IV, Untitled V
For the fans of: City of Ships, Isis, Kerretta, Cult Of Luna
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Release date 03.07.2015
Golden Antenna Records

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