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Written by: PP on 14/09/2007 13:26:26

Occasionally I check out bands merely based on their names. If the name is either weird enough or suggestive of a particular style the band might be playing, I'll download the record to check it out and potentially review it. That's exactly what happened with Bomb The Music Industry!, a kinda weird but cool name that suggests connection to some sort of punk sound. After all, it sounds pretty critical; and I was right. This just shows how important a name can be for your band, as more and more people will be curious to hear how you sound. So a month and several dozen spins later, I'm ready to review the band's new record "Get Warmer", one of the most funnest albums of the year.

It's difficult to pigeonhole Bomb The Music Industry! in just one genre, because the disc is packed with different styles. You'll have the distorted-feedback vocals of the fast "Jobs Schmobs", that already defines the album as a punk rocker, and the more chilled out medium paced melodic punk of "493 Ruth" back on back. The best song on the album, "Bike Test 1 2 3" is also the fastest, combining speedy melodic punk a la Lifetime together with some serious ska-punk influence. The hooks are enormously catchy, and the Motion City Soundtrack style happy keyboards give the song a summery feel. The middle part of the song absolutely demands you to skunk around your room like a maniac.

Adding some humour into the mix, "Unlimited Breadsticks, Soup And Salad Days" is a much slower track, filled with strange keyboard samples. It's a perfect relaxer-track for those long summer afternoons in the shade of palm trees on some paradise island. The ballad of the album "No Rest For The Whiny" has a traditional ska-beat paying obvious tribute to some of Sublime's better materia, and the horns supplement the song well.

Back to the energetic tracks, then. "25 Hour Goddamn Telethon" is high-octane ska-punk if anything is. You can almost imagine the band bouncing all around the stage, while their bassist is chilling out with a funky bass-line. It's a perfect track to check out if you want your Reel Big Fish faster and more hardcore.

So far so good. You'll have heard some Lawrence Arms influence, a bit of Sublime and Reel Big Fish, all fitted into a distinct Bomb The Music Industry! mould. Jeff Rosenstock's scratchy vocals are characteristic and audibly positive, fortifying the image already triggered by their sound that this is a band that's out to have as much fun as possible ("Pizza Claus Is Comin' To Town" anyone?). Essentially, that's why "Get Warmer" works so well. It doesn't try to be new and innovative, but instead focuses on aspects that its good at: speed, melody and humour. However, it suffers from some inconsistancy, as not all songs are winners, but fortunately, the large majority of them will make you want to skunk like there's no end in sight.

Download: Bike Test 1 2 3, 25 Hour Goddamn Telethon, 493 Ruth
For the fans of: Reel Big Fish, The Lawrence Arms, Sublime, Big D & The Kids Table, NOFX
Listen: Download full album from Quote Unquote Records

Release date 31.07.2007
Asian Man Records

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