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They Love The Soil Which Makes Their Graves EP

Written by: PP on 17/07/2015 23:34:18

For their newest EP "They Love The Soil Which Makes Their Graves", Copenhagen-based No Fealty pick up where they left off two years ago on their debut album "In The Shadow Of The Monolith". Prepare yourself mentally, as you'll be in the receiving end of 13 minutes of utter destruction delivered through a relentlessly devastating brand of crusty hardcore where melody might as well be a planet outside our solar system. This is all about sounding as abrasive and uncompromising as possible, essentially being brutally heavy for the sake of being brutally heavy and nothing else, really.

At eight tracks, the EP doesn't leave much breathing room for the weaker souls. The instrumentation and vocal work puts the band somewhere between grindcore and niche hardcore, drawing from Napalm Death's pummeling grindcore while blending it together with elements from d-beat hardcore bands like Discharge. "Dethroner" is arguably the best track on the record and the one that jumps out every time due to its quasi-melodic nature, but otherwise the chaotically aggressive approach has the regrettable effect that most songs blend together and become kind of forgettable. As a 13 minute burst of pure testosterone-driven aggression the EP does serve its purpose, but at some point we have to ask the question: is this supposed to be good just because it's insanely fast, uncompromising and heavy? Right now it's more niché than the very definition of niché music. After all, we demand something more than just that from our Converge records as well.


Download: Dethroner, Deserter
For the fans of: Napalm Death, Thought Police Brutality, Discharge, Converge
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Release date 27.03.2015
Angry Music Records / 5FeetUnder Records / Wolves And Vibrancy Records / The Mind Is Everything Records / Boue Records

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