Our Love To Admire

Written by: TL on 09/09/2007 23:17:52

If I had to explain the term indie to someone, I would feel pretty damn good about just telling them "go listen to Interpol". Now we all know that categorizing bands within a single genre is the ultimate evil, but it's hard not to mentally fuse the identity of indie with the sound of Interpol. Their dark, sleek, stylish shoegaze poured into melancholic arrangements seem to be the purest example of the so called indie-sound, I've ever seen.

Now I am not a long time Interpol fan, so in respect to those who are, I'm gonna refrain from miserably failing at describing the way their sound has developed over their many releases. What I am going to do instead, is underline that as a band that, as previously underlined, stands so closely tied to the indie term in the mind of the reviewer, it is only natural for your album to be equipped with all the strengths, but also the weaknesses connected to indie. As far as strengths go we're dealing with the classical wide assortment of curiosities, coming both in the form of weird instruments and effects as well as in small compositional curls present around the album, and then of course an omnipresent "style" or "identity" in the music that constantly seems to remind you that, you are listening to Interpol!.

The weakness however is closely tied to the same superpowered identity. You see while "Our Love To Admire", is supposedly Interpol at a more experimental level than usually, they still fall into what I call "The indie trap". What I refer to is the tendency of indie bands to be so occupied with the unique style they found that, they become all about the identity of their album and neglect the identity of their songs. I'm not saying that the songs on "Our Love To Admire" are all completely alike, because that is far from the truth, as there is plenty of little goodies to discover if you put a lot of effort into the record, but I am however saying that, the album as a whole has problems making you pay the amount of attention that is necessary to make these discoveries. For that, the different stops on your journey through Interpols world is simply a bit too similar.

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Release Date 10.07.2007
Capitol Records

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