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Written by: NH on 30/08/2007 21:42:39

Okay, so who of you honestly thought that Velvet Revolver would make it to a second album? Certainly not me, with Scott Weiland seemingly wanting to live up to the expectations of his self-destructive manner. Once upon a time I liked Velvet Revolver for still being Rock 'n' Roll and not giving a crap what people thought of them, but having recently heard that they were charging £125 for a backstage package which included a picture with the band and an autograph, I couldn't help but feel appalled and slightly bewildered that they held themselves in such a high regard after putting out just one mediocre CD.

After putting the CD in and thinking back to "Contraband", Velvet Revolvers debut album, I couldn't really imagine what would be included in this CD to make them think anybody would pay £125 just to have an extremely intelligent conversation with Weiland about...drugs? I suppose there are a few good songs on the album, the obvious big-chorus, heavy riff tracks such as "Get Out The Door" and "Just Sixteen", which are the only redeeming factors of the CD, but besides those I certainly would not recommend this album. There's also a god-awful cover of ELO's "Can't Get It Out Of My Head". The only reasonable explanation for the song is that they really wanted everyone to hate this album with passion. Well done on succeeding in that then, VR.


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For the fans of: Guns N Roses, Audioslave
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Release Date 03.07.07
RCA Records

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