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Pain Remixes The Known

Written by: AP on 29/08/2007 15:52:01

Attention, calling all bands willing to challenge Ephel Duath's newest release, "Pain Remixes The Known", as the strangest album of the year. A remix album. Ephel Duath's "Pain Necessary To Know" remixed. That's like trying to introduce entropy to entropy. I'm not even sure this album fulfills the criteria to be apt for a review on this webzine, such is the nature of this eclectic noise assault. Junkies will shudder and wonder what the fuck they just injected, while fans of Ephel Duath may take a few steps back to swallow what has been done here.

"Pain Remixes The Known" is unquestionably the most disturbing album to be released this year. Basically, it's "Pain Necessary To Know" washed with electronic noise and darkness by producer Eraldo Benocchi to create an abstract, progressive electronic record that I shall refer to as psychadelic astro-drone metal (give it a listen and similar words will pop into your mind). Some lyrics are still audible in the form of distant screaming and a narrative voice, but it's obvious that vocals are a minute part of the album. Instead, you're treated to nine songs, all titled "Hole" with a consecutive roman numeral, that sound like introductory tracks for live metal shows, intended to build the audience's stamina for the metal onslaught that is to follow. Except no onslaught follows; just more distressing holes, mechanical and slow.

It's unclear what Ephel Duath is trying to achieve here. Sure, they can play a few of these to soundtrack their entering the stage, but the album seems to lack purpose. Dark ambient music like this would never find itself playing in my stereo just to entertain passing time, but it might well conjure the mystical atmosphere necessary for an awe-inspiring mescaline trip, and, let's face it, there aren't enough mescaline takers to justify the release of an album just for them. In short, "Pain Remixes The Known" is incoherent, irrelevant and serves no purpose. Granted, it sounds avant garde and exciting, but the initial awe quickly shrinks in the shadow of the album's emptiness.


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Release date 16.07.2007


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