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We Fucking Quit

Written by: PP on 08/02/2015 21:19:23

Here's another straggler from 2014 that should've been reviewed ages ago, but I've just had tremendous difficulty in getting into Helen Earth Band despite all the buzz I've read about them across the blogosphere (incidentally, the band features Finch's ex-drummer). So I figured, let them hang about and see if their sophomore album "We Fucking Quit" grows on you over time from being 'just decent' into something more. Rest assured after a couple of months spent with the album it does a little bit, but be prepared to really pay attention to the detail before you'll get into this record properly.

Basically, we're dealing with indie rock with distinct math rock influences. Parallels can be drawn towards early material by Minus The Bear (shortly after Botch breakup), as well as to the 90s emo of Braid at the same time. Readers well versed in that scene should recognize the similarity in that description to Wavelets, who do take slightly more punk oriented approach to the same style, and perhaps even This Town Needs Guns, who are in turn more math rock in comparison. And as we've come to hear on especially MTB albums, the funky R'n'B ideas are also embedded here prominently. These are best audible on the unconventional melodies on "The Temperature Rising" and also to an extent on "Remind Me Why". It's quirky, and adds a different flavor to the songs than what we're used to from indie/math bands.

At the same time, the songs have immense detail integrated within. The soothing atmosphere and unhurried vibe does it's best to layer it underneath the surface, so as mentioned before, you need to be prepared for some serious active-listening sessions before the songs begin opening up. But then you notice the faded screams of passion in "Remind Me Why", or the cleverly written math rock leads in "Mazes" that suggest Helen Earth Band have plenty more to offer than is immediately audible on first listen. But don't expect an easy listen.

Download: Castaway, Remind Me Why
For the fans of: Minus The Bear, Braid, Wavelets
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Release date 21.10.2014
Youth Conspiracy

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