Go To Prison

Written by: PP on 16/01/2015 00:06:58

For evidence that punk isn't going stale and innovation and unique bands still exist in this genre, you can now point critics in the direction of PEARS from New Orleans. Their debut album "Go To Prison" is one of the most original records the genre has seen in the last few years, which has predictably resulted in ridiculous amounts of critical acclaim overseas. The record is nearing European release at the end of this month, so it's now doing second rounds in the media and the hype is growing...for a reason. "Go To Prison" is simply one of the most exhilarating twenty minutes you'll experience right now. It's a frenetic, crazy sound with extremely much going on all the time and constant forays from the standard punk rock sound into other genres and styles, creating unique dynamics that blow you away from first listen.

Simply put, PEARS have a very strong sense of identity and really sound like no other band out there. You could argue they take cues from the anarcho punk bands like Star Fucking Hipsters and Leftöver Cräck, but also from melodic hardcore groups like Kid Dynamite and Shook Ones, while throwing in old school skate punk Descendents style in the mix as well. Through a frantic pace and lightning speed vocals, the band tear through piercing hardcore punk sections, which transform into infectiously catchy melodic passages, and back into straight up hardcore beatdown style - often in the same song. Opener "You're Boring" is like classic Descendents - think "Coffee Mug" - except played with a hardcore punk twist that morphs into a coarsely melodic mini-chorus straight after. It leads almost straight into album highlight "Victim To Be", which goes through so many different sections it's a candidate for the most versatile punk rock song in 2014. Breakneck speed tempo, lightning speed vocals that sound like rapping at a thousand beats a minute, and an overall soundscape that feels like the basement is exploding into a million little pieces of melody and razor-sharp shards of throaty vocals. Then you have "Forever Sad", which is a little more traditional in its approach but even here hardcore and melodic punk are merged liberally together just as they please - and it sounds ridiculously good.

The album is practically one long highlight, or short, considering it's over in just about twenty minutes. But during that time you'll have heard some of the most creative and interesting musicianship, song structures, and melodies punk rock has to offer. This is why "Go To Prison" made so many end-of-year lists in the US, and will likely feature on similar positions in the European media. Comes highly recommended from yours truly.

Download: Victim To Be, Forever Sad, Breakfast, Sycophant, Terrible
For the fans of: Star Fucking Hipsters, Leftöver Crack, Shook Ones, Kid Dynamite, Descendents
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Release date 24.06.2014
Gunner Records

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