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Coldplay returns with their 3rd album X&Y, which they?re currently touring with. It?s a mixture of new and old styles. Longtime fans will recognize the distinguishable Coldplay voices. Yet they also experiment with a new feel, which may to some be new and inspiring while others will find it daring and possibly outside the borders of the true essence of Coldplay.

The clear bass resounds throughout most of the album, accompanied by the soothing voice of Chris Martin. Jonny Buckland on the guitar reverberates throughout the songs with a mix of chilled chord combinations. On the drums, Will Champion, finishes of the final product with good beats, accompanied with various bass lines from Guy Berryman on the bass guitar.

The lyrics touch on various massive subjects like life and death. These subjects may well have been over used in history, but Coldplay nonetheless bring new inspiration to them with new sound and meaning.

The first track, ?Square One?, starts the album out with soothing sounds, before stepping up the intensity. Its followed by another great 3 songs, chilled yet also intense tracks. The best song has to be ?Speed of Sound? with a beautiful mix of guitar and keyboard exchanged by Chris Martin?s voice with the guitar, bass and drums. The hidden track is a very chilled 100% acoustic track. Chris Martin is also heard on the piano, while the drums have been left out.

For the fans of more hard-rock (with lots of screaming) Coldplay still isn?t the right choice, but for those that prefer a more chilled/mellow rock they continue to hit the spot.


Download: Speed of Sound, Fix You
For the fans of: Eisley, Ours

Release date 06.06.2005
Parlophone Records

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