Shedding Skin

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Two years ago Florida-based sextet Adaliah released their debut album “Broken Families”. That album was a heavy beatdown release that did contain a few positive points, but overall was a mediocre at best –core effort. Last month the band came back with the follow-up “Shedding Skin” on Mediaskare Records; an album that is musically a major improvement and a step forward in the band’s career.

On “Shedding Skin” Adaliah have perfected some of the things that did work on “Broken Families” and have toned down the things that did not. This time around, listeners are not treated to a barrage of breakdowns mixed with a few melodic parts. The music is still heavy, and there are breakdowns, but they are more balanced and not nearly as prevalent as before. The melodic side of the band’s song writing is prioritised to a larger extent with plenty of fast and melodic guitar riffs, and in general Adaliah this time exhibit a much higher level of musicality and technique. The band even dares to throw in some more chaotic, progressive parts in the mix, which makes for a well-balanced and exciting album of melodic hardcore with songs that flow really well together.

As mentioned, the band has six members. What might surprise listeners the most about this is the fact that the band has two vocalists. This is surprising because they actually sound pretty much the same. If I had not read about the band or seen one of their videos, I would never have guessed that the band had two singers. They both deliver mid-to-high hardcore screams and are both really good, it just seems rather strange why the band would find it necessary to have two vocalists that sound so identical. I have no doubt that the band is very entertaining to watch live though, due to the amount of interplay and contact the two can have with the audience. On this album, the two frontmen delve into personal territory with lyrics about pain, anger and self-doubt that are poignant and well-written. They provide the songs with more depth than one initially expects from the album, thus giving even more reason to listen to it.

“Shedding Skin” is a surprisingly good album from Adaliah which should appeal to fans of progressive and melodic hardcore.

Download: Ghosts, Shedding Skin, Cursed With Disease, Coffin Nails, Death’s Counterfeit
For the fans of: It Prevails, Defeater, To The Wind, Shai Hulud, Kublai Khan
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Release date 18.11.2014

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