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Belong ╪ Betray EP

Written by: EL on 17/11/2014 15:40:09

Devil Sold His Soul’s eagerly awaited comeback 5-track EP ‘Belong ╪ Betray’ was released today. With three albums already made, this is the first time that vocalist Paul Green, formerly of The Arusha Accord, features as Devil Sold His Soul’s new vocalist, since he joined the band in April 2013 after Ed Gibb’s surprise departure. Devil Sold His Soul no doubt had an almighty uphill struggle in finding someone that resonated Gibb’s haunting vocals and could carry on the standout sound that they have always set themselves apart with. Needless to say they have certainly created an impressive EP and Paul Green should be immensely proud to be carrying on the DSHS torch.

Originally I wasn’t keen on yet another vocalist joining the band, and was concerned that Green would fully change the sound of what we have all come to love from the original DSHS. However, upon hearing this EP for the first time and indeed having seen Green perform live with DSHS, it is safe to say that they couldn’t have chosen a better man for the job. You know you are listening to a Devil Sold His Soul EP. The atmosphere and sonically beautiful ambience of the EP is breathtaking and their production value has soared above previous albums. It’s even more pained, has even more imagination and still manages to really open up a jar of emotions when listening to it.

As is the norm for a DSHS EP/Album most of the tracks on this EP fall past the 5 minute mark. The opening track “Devastator”, a track which was recently released as a music video, starts off with a soft and quiet reverie that makes you feel like you’re standing on the bottom of the ocean watching rays of light fall through the water. Suddenly it breaks into a crashing wave of sound as Green’s vocals soar above the sorrowful wailing of the guitar and the hammering down of the drums and the low vibrations of the bass. As is customary for any DSHS track the emotions this song evokes are quite powerful.

Following the hard-hitting opening of the EP comes ‘Time’ which again starts off with a beautiful, poetic, sombre expanse of sound. This had previously been released as a single to introduce eager fans to the new frontman of Devil Sold His Soul. It’s a powerful, evocative piece that screams the lyrics “The sun goes down on a day which buried a friend”, which I am sure many people will identify with thus making this song far more meaningful than one would expect.

The third track on the EP, ‘Unveiled’ starts off with an almighty bang. This track is definitely the heaviest song of the EP and is uncharacteristically short for a DSHS song but manages to still keep the unchartered highs and lows of their songs. “╪” drops us into a melancholic instrumental interlude that is reminiscent of a whale's love song. It gives you a few minutes to breathe in with reflection and take a break from the more hard-hitting tracks.

Last but not least the final track of the EP is ‘Alive’. Not one to jump head first into more abrasive, aggressive themes ‘Alive’ carries on the sombre tone with a simple layer of piano chords and a slow, pausing drum beat. This leads up to an explosive climax with Green not holding anything back vocally. His cleans are passionate and his harsh vocals are exceptionally fervent and sincere.

It’s safe to say Devil Sold His Soul made the right call in welcoming Paul Green into their long running family. He is everything that represents DSHS and hasn’t missed the mark one bit on this EP.


Download: Devastator, Alive
For The Fans Of: Ancients, The Elijah, Envy, Rinoa

Release date 17.11.2014
Basick Records

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