Chronicles Of Gnarnia

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UK punk rockers Gnarwolves have been in the receiving end of plenty of hype and critical acclaim for their raw, emotionally charged expression they've been showcasing across three EPs to date. They've even been called the best punk rock hope out of the country in some reviews. In anticipation of their debut full-length, they have compiled together "Funemployed", "CRU" and "Fun Club" EPs on a single release with a playful title "The Chronicles Of Gnarnia", which is a sixteen track mammoth set in chronological order of release, allowing listeners and fans to monitor the band's progress closely as they evolve as songwriters.

What starts out as an exceptionally raw and almost lo-fi expression as far as production values are concerned gradually improves into a cleaner, more detailed, and crisper expression as we progress throughout the collection. The early songs are more party / drinking oriented as well, but these turn into emotional gems as the band evolves as songwriters. A track like "Chlorine In The Jean Pule" is a passionately sung, emotional punk gem with an infectiously catchy chorus that explodes out of the vocals, whilst elsewhere we see plenty of angular riffage that recalls Polar Bear Club's debut EP material. That is, breakneck speed, raw, throaty and edgy, yet still extremely, extremely catchy in the process. The early songs might be more about breakneck speed tempo and basic punk rock riffage, but as we reach the newer material, where you find tracks like "Oh Brave New World", "Tongue Surfer", and "Melody Has Big Plans", it is clear that the band is on an upward development curve. Here, you'll encounter tempo changes, slower songs, more ambitious song structures, and generally better melodies that underline why this band has been hyped up so much lately. Especially "Oh Brave New World" is almost impossibly catchy, but the loud and abrasive melody-explosion of "Melody Has Big Plans" is fantastic as well.

That said, if you are to judge this collection of songs together, the early material is clearly weaker than the band's later output. While that bodes well for their debut full-length, it does mean that "The Chronicles Of Gnarnia" is more of a completionist purchase who wants to discover Gnarwolves from front to back, inside out, and so forth. Still, even the early songs are good, so you'll be good either way. Just make your way to the end to discover some of the better emotional punk out of UK lately.


Download: Chlorine In The Jean Pule, Oh Brave New World, Tongue Surfer, Melody Has Big Plans, Party Jams
For the fans of: Polar Bear Club, Junior Battles, Punchline, The Story So Far
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Release date 24.02.2014
Pure Noise Records

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