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Written by: TL on 27/07/2007 01:49:34

When Sound The Alarm released their eponymous debut EP back in January of 2006 I did what loads of emokids did. I fell breathless on my ass to the sound of their smash-anthem "Suffocating To Stay Alive" as it simply represented everything that was good about the non-screamo part of the emo movement back then. So understandably it is with considerable rage in mind I start dreaming of realizing the ending of Fight Club, only with record labels instead of credit card companies, when I listen to the terrifyingly annoying piece of "pop-ified" shit I've been handed as an excuse for the band's full length debut.

Just listen to the old version of "Suffocating To Stay Alive" and then listen to the one on the album and you will immediately see a picture perfect worst example on what can happen when a band gets signed and goes through the major label streamlining machines. And before we go any further then YES - YES I am going to completely murder this album with the good old tired fan-argument that, "they sounded so much better when they weren't signed", so if that grinds your gears, just bail out here alright. For those of you who're still with me (hi mom), here's the two defining flaws about the record, that by the way bears the title "Stay Inside":

1. You know that feeling when a band has just lost spark? That where they were once passionate they now sound like they're auditioning for "Making The Band" or some show like that? If the answer is no, then please listen to the two Sound The Alarm cds. That'll teach you. You see on the EP, the make or break factor was that you could simply tell that these dudes were singing and playing like their very lives were at stake. They sounded like they were into it so desperately that they gave meaning to the "heart on sleeve" expression. On "Stay Inside" the feeling of honesty can be overshadowed by Hawthorne Height's "If Only You Were Lonely". Not a good sign to say the least.

2. While I am not even remotely surprised that "Suffocating To Stay Alive" made a reappearance on "Stay Inside", probably recognized for its hit-value, listening to the record makes me more annoyed by each track, as the almost equally awesome "Cutting Deep" and the rock-values it represented on the EP has been completely rooted out in favor of radio-friendly poppy semi-ballads. None of which are even remotely memorable. Instead they are just as predictable as you would.. well.. predict.

So guys. Yeah, you dudes in the band. Congratulations on your major label deal and your debut album. I'm not gonna listen to it ever again, and because of it I'm compelled towards binning your EP as well. Have fun on the radio, and while I'm sure you'll get plenty of airplay, you can rest be assured that I'll change the channel if I ever hear your stuff coming on.

Download: The EP. Then pretend this record never happened.
For the fans of: A Thorn For Every Heart, Jimmy Eat World, Sherwood
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Release Date 12.06.2007
Geffen Records

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