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Written by: PP on 02/08/2005 04:20:50

A Wilhelm Scream had a shitload to live up to after the megasuccess of their 2004 album "Mute Print". That album was the antonym of everything modern punk had become the last couple of years; commercial, stale, simple and uninteresting. "Mute Print" will, one day, reappear on countless bands' influence list due to its originality, complexity and its divergency from the tonnes of punk bands out there without a clear identity. Now, these kinds of shoes are very difficult to fill, and the band was left with two options. The easy one would've been just to create "Mute Print: Volume 2", which would've just been a logical pick for the next track after the last one on the record. The hard one, however, was to evolve while still staying true to their unique sound, which adopts sounds from bands like Propagandhi, Hot Water Music and Rise Against. And "Ruiner" is certainly the latter one of the choices. The record still sounds like A Wilhelm Scream, but gone are all the ultra catchy tracks like "Anchor End" or "Kursk", aside from the odd couple of tracks such as the one titled like most of The Lawrence Arms songs ("Me Vs Morrissey.."), "When I Was Alive: Walden III", or "The King Is Dead". "Mercy Day For Mr. Vengeance" sounds like a cover of Finch's "What It Is To Burn", and with "In Vito Veritas II" the band goes against their iconoclastic ideology and falls to the recent (unfortunate) trend of including slow, indie-like songs on records that are meant to be hard from start to finish.

The harsh, passionate Rise Against-like vocals are still present together with the well produced sound of A Wilhelm Scream, but the guitars just seem slightly toned down; there are more power chords where there used to be orgasmicly complex riffs, though they are still present often enough to keep the listener from skipping to the next track. Whether or not this has something to do the little time the band has had available to write songs aside from the non-stop touring the band has been doing since "Mute Print", I can not judge. But lets be honest here: to create another "Mute Print" is next to impossible. Oh, if only all tracks were like "The King Is Dead" and "God Loves A Liar" this album would be quite near to succeed in that. Don't get me wrong here, it's still a very good piece of punk rock with an attitude, but there is just that something missing, preventing this album to enter the permanent slots of my cd changer.


Download: God Loves A Liar, Me Vs Morissey In The Prententiousness Contest
For the fans of: Rise Against, Propagandhi, Fastlane

Release date 16.08.2005
Nitro Records

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