This Will Come To Pass

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While most other bands doing screamo these days are busy playing varying forms of TouchéDisputecore, here's one group that is thinking outside of the box on their debut album "This Will Come To Pass". While hints of Touché Amoré are of course present in their expression, it is a far louder and more abrasive interpretation of the genre, with chaos turned to eleven, while still maintaining the emotionally charged screamo as its base sound. This is why they were signed by Count Your Lucky Stars who are now re-releasing their 2013 debut "This Will Come To Pass" for the wider audience.

Basically, the band intermittently mix together sounds and ideas from post-hardcore, screamo, and punk, to arrive at a cacophonic sound full of texture and angular guitars. There's a rugged feel to the whole screechy, lo-fi oriented soundscape, which does the band wonders as it feels like they are turbocharged with energy even as they are in the studio. Complex guitar melodies draw from The Fall Of Troy-era post-hardcore, whilst the semi-clean shouts and screams belong more to modern 'wave'-era screamo. The constant tempo-changes wouldn't feel out-of-place on a Dillinger Escape Plan record, although Calculator are of course nowhere near as heavy. As for the mood on the album: despaired, hopeless, and barren, despite there being so much going on instrumentally. This is because Calculator take care to never sound optimistic or uplifting in their sound. That's good; the combination of that kind of atmosphere with the intricate guitar work makes for a good record overall.

That said, the red thread in the expression is chaos and more chaos, which means many songs end up sounding like one another with few real highlights to speak of. Mostly the tracks that have crazed guitar riffs or a few quiet/loud dynamics stick out. Still, the rest of the tracks are pretty good as well, albeit a challenging listen this record is, that's for sure.

Download: Gasping But Somehow Still Alive, First Shadow Of Evening, Brooding Over
For the fans of: The Fall of Troy, Orchid, Suis La Lune, Touché Amoré, Pianos Become The Teeth
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Release date 10.06.2014
Count Your Lucky Stars

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