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Written by: PP on 05/10/2014 17:34:16

No frills pop punkers The Copyrights have always been a bit of a hit and miss with me. They have a bunch of excellent songs on all their five records prior to "Report", but their consistency has been off with great tracks often surrounded by more generic / anonymous material that has left the overall impression of their full-lengths somewhat lackluster. Not so with "Report", which is the best album they have written, period. The band have finally managed to string together a record of exclusively quality no-frills pop punk tracks, each infectiously catchy and with big time sing along melodies. Simply put, there are no weak tracks on the album, which has very much been a problem in the past.

Opening track "Slider" provides a hint of what's to come with its genius opening passage. Soft, non-distorted and non-intrusive guitar plucking quietly showcases the fast-paced chorus melody that is pure gold only moments before the song explodes into no-frills pop punk godhood. When the chorus arrives, you're ready for the sing along. "Telescope" and "Heart Of Glue" offer similar moments which will be surefire winners at live shows to come, but the real album highlight "No Knocks" arrives much later. It's a heavier track with crunchy distortion, and the vocals are gang-shouted almost all the way through the song, which gives them more power and effect. More importantly, it contributes ever-so-slightly to variety on a record that could otherwise risk feeling monotonous in its nature, because let's be honest here: no frills pop punk bands don't exactly sound that different even from each other. As such, drawing comparisons to The Dopamines, The Hextalls, Teenage Bottlerocket, and Dear Landlord are all appropriate, and lately, you have to add Direct Hit! to that group as well, whom The Copyrights reference on a number of tracks on this release as well (see: "Wishbone", which could've been on "Brainless God" for example).

But a whole scene sounding more or less identical to each other isn't a problem as long as you're writing good songs. On "Report", The Copyrights finally make the kind of statement that suggests they should be considered no frills pop punk royalty, which many of their core fans have been arguing for years already anyway. All tracks are super catchy, upbeat and fun listens, with no hints of inconsistency present this time around. Expect this to be the release that opens up The Copyrights to a bigger crowd than the FEST faithfuls.


Download: Slider, No Knocks, Telescope, Heart Of Glue, Keep The Change
For the fans of: The Dopamines, Dear Landlord, The Hextalls, Teenage Bottlerocket, Direct Hit!
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Release date 26.08.2014
Red Scare Industries

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