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So it's been a while since Berlin punk rockers Beatsteaks were relevant, right? What is it, some Punk-O-Rama compilation or something since you last cared? Well that's about to change with their seventh, self-titled album that functions as a good reminder as to why these Germans became one of the best-selling artists in their country in the first place. After opener "A Real Paradise" experiments with Wolfmother style rock and roll and is heavy on vocal distortion, "DNA" returns Beatsteaks into the world of melodic punk rock with a super uplifting expression that oozes of pure joy of playing music through and through.

That is essentially the red thread throughout the album. "Make A Wish" is similarly expansive and uplifting in its sound, even if here the band are channeling some Coldplay influence and land somewhere into the world of alternative rock instead of punk rock. Hints and references to material by Fake Problems and The Gaslight Anthem is audibly present throughout the disc, especially in the tendency to go for the big American rock song during a number of tracks. Even Queens Of the Stone age gets a nod their way on the fast-paced "Up On The Roof". It is this variety between the slower and more ambitious styles and the straight up punk (with ska vibes) that makes "Beatsteaks" a much more interesting listen than the forgettable "Boombox" from three years ago.

Being the biased punk rock fan reviewing this record, I still have to go with the melodic punk track as the best on this album, that being "DNA". But I'll be damned if I wasn't rocking out with full approval to the upbeat pop rocker "Pass The Message", another highlight track on the album. "Everything Went Black" is also rather balladic in its nature, but it works because the melody is solid and the chorus is great. These are all examples of radio-friendly material that should ensure Beatsteaks' continued success in Germany alone, but should also be enough to put them back on people's radars elsewhere as well. And you know, if you've missed the aggression factor of punk rock, "Wicked Witch" will provide you just that with all its yelling and screaming, but even here quite a bit of melody ensures the masses should be friends with the track. So while "Beatsteaks" isn't amazing by any means, it's definitely the most interesting Beatsteaks album in a while. Recommended for a chance even if your memories root back to the Epitaph years when the band was still playing punk rock for a living.


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For the fans of: Fake Problems, Donots, Against Me!, The Gaslight Anthem
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Release date 01.08.2014
Warner Music

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