Simple Mind Condition

Written by: NH on 24/07/2007 00:26:17

"Simple Mind Condition" has been a long awaited album for many Trouble fans, considering their last release was a little over eleven years ago. After failing to sell enough albums they were ultimately dropped from their record company owned by Rick Rubin of Def American Records. To cut a long story short, the band went on hiatus until 2002 where they then started playing small live shows around Chicago. In light of this new album the one question that must be asked is: are they still playing that infectious doom-influenced hard rock that so many fans held so dearly to their hearts eleven years ago?

Listening to "After The Rain" definitely feels like it would be at home on a Guns N' Roses album, and if that isn't an accomplishment for any band that has been away for eleven years, then I don't know what is. Lead singer Eric Wagner even sounds like Axl Rose, and no I haven't mistakenly placed this on top of a Guns N' Roses CD. All songs before this track sound a little too familiar and regurgitated, as if they in fact haven't been away for eleven years, instead giving a vibe of a series of songs recorded that didn't quite make their previous release "Plastic Green Head". Towards the end of the album I start to understand why there is so much hype around their return. The songs finally come to life, and show that the band truly are on top form and well up to the standard of their previous releases. A song well worth noting is the album ender "The Beginning Of Sorrows", a piano-laced funeral hymn that most certainly pulls on your heart strings. They couldn't have picked a better end to the album.

No one will be disappointed in "Simple Mind Condition", especially the fans. Although the band doesn't seem to have progressed over the eleven years that they have been on hiatus, you can't pick a bone with any one of their songs. Yes, some are better than others, but none are album fillers. As someone said when I mentioned this band - Trouble are the masters of doom-influenced hard rock, but they still aren't no Guns N Roses.


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Release date 11.06.2007
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