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Climatic Accidents, Landscape-Making

Written by: PP on 10/09/2014 23:02:21

Lille, France based melodic hardcore outfit Fake Off display a passionate take on emotionally charged hardcore on their new album "Climatic Accidents, Landscape-Making" that was released earlier this year. They combine together the uncompromising intensity of This Is Hell with the screamo chaos of United Nations, and the more straightforward emotional hardcore of Ruiner to arrive at a passionate, heartfelt take on melodic hardcore that unfortunately lacks the charisma and character to distinguish itself in a crowded genre.

Although the band comes across as a slightly less metalcore version of bands like The Ghost Inside and therefore offering a different take on the style, their approach to punk-fueled emotional hardcore has still been heard so many times before that it fails to make a lasting effect on its listener. Bands like Gateways and Defeater have delivered a similar style in faster and slower manner respectively and have done it better; here Fake Off merely sound decent on tracks like "Initial Relief", "Effective Winds", "Circles & Squares" or "Old Dried Oceans", but never better than that. They are missing a few tracks that would truly capture your attention, even though there are moments where you'll go like "well that was pretty awesome" every once in a while. But to string together an entire song that'll just blow away the scene, well, that hasn't been possible on this album at least.

The result is an album where there's no doubt about the passion or dedication of the band members behind this release, as they pour their hearts out on melodic, raw, gritty hardcore tracks that have very little to do with the original definition on hardcore without the 'melodic' attachment on the side. It's just that the tracks are never better than just decent, at least compared to the best bands in the genre right now.

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For the fans of: This Is Hell, United Nations, Gateways
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Release date 02.04.2014
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