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Bursts of the Million

Written by: BV on 07/09/2014 16:28:05

Oscillator Bug is one of those musical projects where I often find myself at a loss for words. Throughout numerous listens I have asked myself what I could classify Oscillator Bug as, how well I think it has been executed and, to some extent, if I have ever come across anything like it. Following my research on the band, I have found very sparse amounts of useful information save for a review that labeled the outfit as being “a unique and refreshing project” - although I find myself in a less than agreeable position.

As the album opens with “Enavasion”, the electronic elements are dominant from the get-go, whilst being accompanied by some relatively bland vocals that are, apparently, meant to be the centerpiece of a rather chaotic production that seems hell-bent on putting experimentation and the urge to be unique at the very forefront – overshadowing any and all attempts at songwriting that would go remotely easy on the ears. The title track, “Bursts of the Million”, leans on a more straightforward pop approach which, although knee-deep in sonic playfulness and experimentation, has a discernible edge that I’ve actually found to a highlight of sorts on the album – in spite of the vocal work which I have yet to warm up to.

“Feel Rif” is a strange track that gives off some sort of warped Animal Collective vibe. It’s freaky, weird and, at points, somewhat catchy. Although I’ll possibly never warm up to this sort of electronically dominated soundscapes, I can appreciate some of the effort that went into the creation of tracks like this one – meaning, quite obviously, that listeners with more a leaning towards electronic music might indeed find this a great deal more interesting than I am at this very moment. At an earlier point I read a line from the review I quoted above, which mentioned quite casually that ”the rock is never turned up too high” - an observation I am more than keen on agreeing with, while viewing it as a key flaw on the album. Indeed, “Bursts of the Million” seeks the freaky nerve of a rock album that is not entirely a rock album – nor is it an entirely electronic album. It is a schizophrenic beast which constantly seeks to meld two worlds that have been melded successfully before – in this case without any truly noteworthy results to show for it.

While “Feel Rif”, “Bursts of the Million” and “Nadya Lyons and the Imposing Peril of a Brave New World” are all somewhat decent tracks that could eventually win me over, even just a bit, there are still a handful of easily forgettable, somewhat unsuccessful tracks that take up space on the album. Whatever the intention behind the album may be, I feel it might have been something of a misfire. Perhaps others will disagree with, some would even do so strongly – but for me, there is nothing truly extraordinary or utterly fascinating about this album. Rather it seems to be a confused attempt to create something genuinely unique which, in turn, may be standing in the way of achieving the potential of songs like the three highlights mentioned earlier.

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Release date 09.09.2014
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