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War Stories

Written by: PP on 04/09/2014 23:34:32

Here's a band that's taken me by complete surprise. Originating from Dallas, Texas, Dog Company bring forth a sound on their new album "War Stories" that suggests the band grew up in the Boston punk rock scene with a few forays into Gainesville in the process. They're basically mixing together the best elements from Against Me! post-"New Wave" with the down and dirty street punk elements of Dropkick Murphys and Street Dogs, resulting in a lively expression that's jam-packed with sing along melodies song after song.

After a brief intro, "Elected Enemy" opens the album sounding virtually identical to later Against Me! production thanks to vocalist Joe Blow drawing close parallels to Tom Gabel/Laura Jane Grace's delivery. At the same time, "De-Evolution" wouldn't feel out-of-place on a Dropkick Murphys record, if you removed the bagpipes and other celtic elements from the sound and merely kept the street punk ethos in the mix. Here in particular Joe Blow sounds like a bastard son between the two vocalists from each band, which basically means he's got a great set of pipes that are just waiting to be discovered by the scene at large. These are both huge songs that deserve the attention of the scene, especially given the rowdy atmosphere and the sailor-style singing delivery that catches your attention each time.

Occasionally, their sound is dangerously close to cloning Against Me!, such as on the otherwise excellent "Not Dead yet", which could easily have fit on "White Crosses" if you ask me. It's not a problem though because it's an instantly catchy song that both showcases Blow's great vocal talent, and also captures the rowdy, get-up-and-go atmosphere of their music overall. There's enough energy and riffage to make the listener feel like something is really happening - and that's often far more important than sounding a little bit like someone else. Catchy songs and upbeat energy is all it takes to write a solid album.

Download: Elected Enemy, De-Evolution, For Our Friends, Not Dead Yet
For the fans of: Against Me!, Dropkick Murphys, Street Dogs, The Slow Death
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Release date 01.05.2014
Cadre Records / Rebel Sound Music

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