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Forever Tonight EP

Written by: LF on 01/08/2014 16:43:47

Brit-rock pop punkers A New Day from Essex, UK are releasing their second three-song EP nationwide in a few days, and while it's not a downright amazing release you might still enjoy some parts of it if you don't mind the stereotypical approach to emotional rock and the generic lyrics and song titles.

What initially succeeded in winding me up about this EP is the song "Boyfriend" which is the single of the release. Like the other two songs it is an up-tempo song with a punk attitude and a fairly good hook. But as opposed to the others, it feels like it throws every member of the band off balance. The beat sounds off, and the vocalist sounds uncomfortable or unsure of his ability to actually hit the notes, but it's not that he can't sing, as evident in the other tracks the band has released. Furthermore, there's a conflict in how it's a four minute song that doesn't evolve anywhere and at the same time sounds like it wants to be similar to an emotional and urgent punk rock song. "Faith in Me" as well as "Call You Mine (I Don't Want To)" might have a hint of this problem as well, but at least they flow better in terms of song structure and the band sounds like they feel at home with what they're doing. "Faith in Me" even has the vocalist show some edge in his delivery from time to time, and "Call You Mine (I Don't Want To)" attempts a short optimistic solo, that also works okay.

To my ears, this is a band that needs more practice to shine in the songs they have composed, but I'm also fairly sure that they are in possession of the building blocks they need to do this.


Download: Call You Mine (I Don't Want To)
For The Fans Of: Blink-182, All Time Low, Simple Plan, Jimmy Eat World
Listen: facebook.com/ANewDayOfficial

Release date 04.08.2014

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